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The Indian Express, the rabid anti-BJP, anti-Modi newspaper, is 100% funded by BJP and Modi Government


Don’t we, the nationalist warriors of social media, often wonder who actually has been funding newspapers like The Times of India, The Hindu, and The Indian Express that have been relentlessly carrying out their anti-India and anti-Modi tirade and propaganda?


Often we come across messages that tell us that some international organization of evangelicals and Christians own these newspaper groups and they are simply following the Church’s agenda to bring down a duly elected Hindu nationalist government.


Isn’t The Indian Express the same newspaper that came up with a front-page big banner headline on Yakub Memon’s hanging that said ‘AND THEY HANGED YAKUB MEMON’?


So, who funds The Indian Express and various other anti-Modi newspapers? Here is the stark reality.


It’s the BJP and the Modi Govt. that seems to be the sources of its funding if we go by what we see in The Indian Express of 24th February 2017, Mumbai Edition.


The edition carries two full-page advertisements, one on the front page and the other inside. The front-page advertisement is released by the BJP. It thanks the voters of Maharashtra for giving it a chance to serve Mumbai, which is not even true. It’s Shiv Sena that has emerged number one in BMC elections though by a narrow margin.



The ‘thank you’ ad of BJP in a known anti-BJP broadsheet is not just anomalous, it’s totally wasteful. Very few of those who voted for the BJP will be reading The Indian Express. Amit Shah believes in this kind of wastefulness during elections. These ads only benefit the newspapers they are published in or the advertising agencies that release them.  They actually make the BJP a suspect in the eyes of the electorate and give credence to the charge of its opponents that moneybags fund the party. These expensive ads don’t fetch a single vote for the party in elections yet Amit Shah indulges in such profligacy.  It’s time for investigation into the internal affairs of the BJP and find out which are the advertising agencies that recommend and execute these idiotic and totally wasteful media plans and who owns them. 


The other right hand side full-page advertisement (premium charges) in this edition is released by the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC), a Government of India organization, commemorating the Central Excise Day. CBEC, is the most corrupt GOI institution under the Ministry of Finance and we know it. These ads are released by DAVP on the recommendations of the babus in MOF and CBEC.




Then we have one half-page advertisement at the back of the edition (premium space) from the Department of Food & Public Distribution, GOI, with PM Modi’s smiling face and the headline ‘Food Security is your Right’.  Now, one begins to wonder if the readers of The Indian Express really care about a message like this.



If that’s not enough, in inside pages there is yet another quarter page advertisement by a wholly owned PSU of GOI, Air India, on the right hand side. Apart from these ads there are other GOI notices in the newspaper too.




And here is the big surprise. The edition has no other paid advertisement than these.


This is what we shall call 100% GOI and BJP funded edition. Why are there no other ads in this edition? Obviously the readership of The Indian Express is not very high and media planners and buyers of FMCG majors don’t consider it worthwhile to include it in their plan. However, GOI and BJP, for some strange inexplicable reasons, consider it a fit vehicle for the communication of their message. 

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