When it’s war, all of us must think like warriors: A message to Bollywood brigade

It seems some of us believe that the warriors who defend our territorial integrity at out borders, making supreme sacrifices, do it for their meager salaries. We have seen many within the Bollywood fraternity making insensitive comments about our armed forces. Such behavior cannot be accepted and tolerated and we should spit upon such pigs, naming and shaming them at every opportunity. (Om Puri is such a bastard and a pig.)

The proud soldiers of Indian army are not mercenaries like many of our Bollywood celebrities and stars who lack self-respect and can even sell their souls for lucre. We have known many who would pee in their pants when they got a call from Dubai and Karachi and would be ready to do anything, even perform mujaras, to please not just the underworld dons like Dawood but their lowly lackeys like Abu Salem. Very few had the guts and gumption to stand up to these goons. (Salman Khan was certainly not one of them.) 

Our army and security forces deal with these goons and terrorists on daily basis unmindful of what will happen to their families and themselves. What more, our jawans are far more handsome than some of our stars brought up on special diets, and supplements. And as stated by a real actor-star Nana Patekar, Bollywood stars are no better than ‘khatmal’ in comparison with the true heros of our land. The statements of Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devagn were heart-warming too.  

You believe it or not, India has been continuously at war since its independence. We have seen overt wars that took place in 1947, 1962, 1965, 1971, and in 1999. However, the covert war continues without ceasefire. It’s a war of attrition, enemies are constantly trying to weaken and destroy us in every possible way. We have seen how methodically insurgency is aided and abetted by the Chinese and the Pakistanis in most of our border states. We also know about the Pak sponsored ‘Khalistan’ movement and how much we suffered because of that.  

Our enemies never stopped trying to corner and embarrass us in the United Nations Organisation (UNO) and its various forums. They vetoed our entry in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Pakistan keeps bitching about us all the time at various world forums. Its representatives in India encourage Kashmiri and Islamist separatists. They believe in the policy of a thousand cuts to hurt and weaken us in every possible way.

The peaceniks in India and particularly in Bollywood seem to ignore this hard reality. They have this inexplicable love for Pakistani artistes. They use phrases like ‘art knows no boundaries’ to defend Pakis. Even the utterances of the Paki artistes and the insults they heaped on India and Indians post Uri and Surgical Strikes across LOC, don’t seem to have diminished the love of Bollywood peaceniks for these ungrateful bastardized lot. Look at the kind of language they have used after leaving India! They obviously hated us all the while. They were nothing more than hired mercenaries.

And what have our much-celebrated producers been doing? They provide a popular platform to these ungrateful people, and promote them as mass culture icons of India without realizing the perils of such deed. It was shocking that for some of the Bollywood icons the martyrdom of our jawans in Uri was not worthy of a few words of mourning but as soon as demands for the boycott of Paki artistes gained ground, these icons lost no time in defending them vociferously and rather shamelessly with idiotic arguments.

They said that it was the government that should take a call in the matter. Why? What about you? Are you different from your government? Don’t you have any sense of responsibility or emotional connect with our army and leadership that’s working hard to keep you safe and secure?

Do you think brave soldiers on our borders fight the enemy and keep their morale high and adrenalin flowing on the strength of their weaponry? NO. It’s we, the people of India, who are their real strength. So, whatever we say or do affects them. And a few pigs like Om Puri have said some really horrible things about our soldiers.  

When it’s war, all of us must think and act like warriors of our nation in whatever field we are working. We should be determined to teach our enemies lessons they never forget. We can make money later if we exist as a free nation and society. We cannot forgive those who threaten our existence and geo-political entity. It’s out utmost duty to support and supplement unequivocally and determinedly the national effort to deal with wily and devious enemies of our great nation. 

Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Vande Mataram.  

Bollywood & TV Reporter

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