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The Delhi leadership of BJP must name the Supreme Court and the Gujarat High Court judges involved in targeting Modi and Gujarat

This flummoxes me. What stops the Delhi leadership of the BJP to name and seek the impeachment of the judges who have been unfairly targeting Modi and Gujarat and have become a part of the grand multi-pronged conspiracy to decimate Modi politically or otherwise? Are they not capable enough to unearth the antecedents of these judges and let the people know about their collusion with the UPA regime? Is it not their duty to tell the world how the UPA regime has politicized and used the judiciary to settle political scores?

If they fear that it may further complicate the socio-political scenario, it's time to shed such fear and squeamishness for the sake of our nation. It is an all out war to save our democracy that is on the verge of being subverted by the wily Congress party by corrupting and coopting every pillar of our democratic polity - the Parliament, the bureaucracy, the judiciary and the media. We are being turned into a 'banana state' and a section of judiciary has gone berserk and has been playing footsie with a corrupt self-serving regime with none to warn and question them. The BJP must let the nation know that almost all our judges are political appointees and thus must be questioned, censured, and publicly rebuked for their acts of omission and commission and their obviously biased behavior and judgments.

At least six judges, including two ex-Chief Justices of India have ostensibly played key roles in the UPA regime's conspiracy against Modi and Gujarat. All of them have been suitably rewarded for the hatchet jobs done by them. A cursory look at their background points to their connection with the Congress party or the left establishment. They were all public prosecutors, government pleaders, and counsels appointed by the Congress or the Leftist regimes in states and at the centre before their induction into the judiciary and eventual elevation as High Court or Supreme Court judges.

CJI V. N. Khare (Retired)
V.N. Khare was obviously associated with the Congress party. He was Indira Gandhi's lawyer in the case that finally led to the imposition of Emergency. As the Chief Justice of India, Khare ordered the reopening of the Best Bakery Case through an extra-ordinary and unprecedented judicial intervention that led to conducting a phony retrial in Mumbai in which the judgment was written even before the trial began. He openly said that the Supreme Court had to act as a prosecutor and a judge in Gujarat related cases. He thus encouraged some of the Supreme Court judges to act as prosecutors and supervisors of Gujarat related cases and target Modi instead of delivering judgments based on evidence presented to them. Surprisingly, such extra-ordinary activism was confined to the Gujarat riot cases alone. Khare's name appears in the list of Shanti Bhushan who claimed that out of the 16 CJIs of the SC, 8 were certainly corrupt. Khare was awarded the Padmvibhushan by the UPA regime.

CJI K. G. Balakrishnan (Retired)
He is perceived by many in the judicial and legal fraternity as one of the most corrupt judges in the history of the SC. He was in cahoots with the Sonia regime and did her bidding like a loyal servant. He is the NHRC Chairman now.

Justice Arijit Pasayat (Retired)
All Gujarat riot-related PILs of Teesta would land invariably in his court. He ordered the phony retrial of the Best Bakery case and its transfer to Mumbai. He coerced the Gujarat judiciary into kowtowing to his wishes by passing derogatory strictures against some of their sane judgments. He was obviously the point man of sundry secularists and the UPA regime and was assigned the task to continuously hound the Gujarat government and Modi. He was known to be a judge who hobnobbed with court fixers. On two different occasions chappals were thrown at him during court proceedings. He ordered investigation against Modi even before Ehsan Jafari's widow Zakia made a formal plea in his court. He did it on the eve of his retirement in an ugly hurry and as the last favor to the Sonia regimeto win a cosy government posting. These were unprecedented judgments in the history of the Supreme Court of India. He hounded Zahira Sheikh and passed the unparalleled order to jail her for a year in a baseless contempt case. This was used by Teesta to browbeat the witnesses into sticking to their false testimonies and affidavits in Gujarat cases. His is a fit case for serious investigation into the conduct of a Supreme Court Judge and his impeachment for misusing his position and extra-ordinary judicial powers to serve the nefarious designs of the Delhi rulers and the secularists. He should be jailed for his conspiratorial conduct along with Teesta Setalwad. He heads the prestigious Competition Appellate Tribunal now.

Justice Tarun Chatterjee (Retired)
A CBI investigation was going on against him over the infamous Provident Fund Scam in Ghaziabad. It was withdrawn later as he ordered the CBI enquiry into the Sohrabuddin Encounter case on the eve of his retirement. This was one of the rare judgments that usurped the powers of the state government to involve or not to involve the Central Government agencies in the law and order affairs of the state. He was appointed a mediator in the border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by UPA II even before he demitted office.

Justice Aftab Alam (Retired)
He ordered a CBI enquiry into the Sohrabuddin Encounter case and later on had the case transferred out of Gujarat. He delivered a number of anti-Gujarat judgments and seemed to be the key Supreme Court judge, after Arijit Pasayat's retirement, who took up the job of fixing Modi for good. He was one of the 'anti-Hinduva' judges who debunked a SC judgment about the definition of Hinduism as a way of life and not a religion or sect. He was appointed the Chairman of the high-powered Telecom Disputes Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) soon after his retirement.

Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya
He is the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court now. He seems to be the new point man of the UPA regime. The Gujarat High Court under his leadership has joined the anti-Modi phalanx of the Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal and the UPA regime for a multi-pronged attack on Modi. There is a certain design behind all this. His induction into the judiciary seems to have happened during the Left regime in West Bengal. He is certain to have left leanings and seems to have been handpicked to do a hatchet job since the leftists are the rabidly sworn opponents of the RSS. Some really bad and extremely biased judgments delivered by the division benches headed by him clearly demonstrate his antipathy towards the Gujarat Government in general and Modi in particular. His was the decisive opinion in the Gujarat Lokaayukt's dubious appointment order and the Supreme Court also rebuked him for his personalized tirade against Modi in his judgment.

Justice Abhilasha Kumari
She is said to be a relative of Virbhadra Singh, the CM of Himachal Pradesh, who is known to be corrupt to the core. She got into the judiciary through the 'public prosecutor and standing counsel' route. Hers is necessarily a political appointment. She was appointed the Additional Judge of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh on 2nd December 2005, and was almost instantly transferred to assume charge as an Additional Judge of the High Court of Gujarat on 9th January 2006. This was the time Virbhadra was the CM of Himachal Pradesh. This smacks of a deep-rooted and well-planned conspiracy. She was one of the key judges to order SIT and CBI probes into the Ishrat Jahan encounter and has been supervising the investigations into the case on nearly week-to-week basis. Her judgments and pronouncements clearly have anti-Modi bias and she seems to be a part of the anti-Modi nexus of the UPA regime and the judiciary. She brazenly termed the Ishrat Jahan encounter as a case of national importance and has even been prompting the CBI prosecutors to pursue the case in a manner that suits the UPA regime.

These are some of the well-known examples. The conspiracy to fill the Gujarat High Court with judges sympathetic to the cause of the UPA regime is quite deep-rooted. The Delhi leadership of the BJP should expose such dirty designs and name all the judges with left and UPA leanings. Let the country know the political nature of these judicial appointments and the real motive behind these judges' unprecedented and exceptional judgments and pronouncements targeting Gujarat and Modi.

There is need for a serious investigation into the conduct of all these judges. Their phone records and official and unofficial movements should be scrutinized to expose their nexus with the UPA regime and its wily scheming leaders.

The Gujarat Bar Association should also do its own bit to warn the Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court that he cannot subvert the due process of law using his near-absolute authority as a High Court judge. He must be told that his over-jealous activism and open contempt for Gujarat's elected government and its CM will be subjected to public outrage and censure. In my opinion, the Gujarat assembly will be well within its rights to issue strictures against Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya for some of his uncalled-for pronouncements and anti-Modi comments.

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