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When a few years hence the toddlers of today will enter Ram and Ramleela in the Google search engine, they will discover Ram was a debauch and a drunkard who had multiple sexual partners

What is going on at the CBFC Ms. Leela Samson? Do you have an anti-Hindu bias? Is Ramleela a part of the grand conspiracy to demean and destroy popular icons of Hindu pantheon and culture?

You can test it now if you want. Type Ramleela in any search engine and see what results and visual references it throws up. You may have to reeducate your Internet savvy kid that Lord Ram was not like Ranveer Singh. 20-30 years later it will become still worse when the Christian and the Islamist missionaries and proselytizers will be going around showing these pictures to convince poor tribals about the fallibility of Lord Ram and the infallibility of their prophets.

If you thought naming a film as Ramleela was a harmless and inconsequential act, think again. I have a feeling this was done deliberately as part of a grand long-term and deep-rooted conspiracy against Hinduism.

The protests against the film began as soon as its trailer and poster were released. I wrote a detailed letter to the Chairman CBFC on the issue on 15th October 2013. The letter was not responded to. The CBFC had enough time to take action, if not on my letter, suo-moto.

It did not do anything of this sort. It is the responsibility of the CBFC to clear the publicity material of the film before it comes into the public domain. Did they do it? The film got its Censor Certificate in the first week of November 2013. The CBFC had plenty of time to address this issue. They did not do anything.

U/A certificate for a sexually explicit and violent film like RAM-LEELA is shocking

And finally they gave it a Censor Certificate. It was a U/A certificate, to a film with sexually explicit dialogues and graphic violence. If you recall the case of Aamir Khan's DELHI BELLY, it got an 'A' (Adults Only) certificate that prevented the film to be telecast in India on TV networks as per the government guidelines. One of the songs in the film 'Bhag D.K. Bose' had double-entendre lyrics. DELHI BELLY is like a POGO Channel cartoon series in comparison with RAM LEELA that is nearly 1000 times more sexually explicit. DELHI BELLY violence was a caricature, RAM LEELA violence is graphic. Now, RAM LEELA can also be shown on TV. Its sexually explicit trailer and songs are alreday relayed in family homes, with none of the NGOs making any hue and cry about it.

I'm not sure if the Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification Ms. Leela Samson would find it fit to take her grandchildren to watch RAM-LEELA as a responsible and loving grandmother? What more, those who are probably considered the most liberal people of the world - The Americans, the British, and the Swedes will not like their kids to watch a film like RAM-LEELA with its explicit sexual dialogues and graphic violence with or without parental guidance.

Of course use of the most revered names in the Hindu pantheon in a derogatory and sacrilegious manner is a far more serious problem. It has a subliminal impact and will provide ammunition to anti-Hindu forces as mentioned earlier. Imagine your child searching Ram to discover Ranveer Singh and a sexy woman like Deepika Padukone in a 'hot' embrace, on a poster that proclaims 'Goliyon ki raas leela, Ram Leela' followed by the story of the film. And what will happen after 15 years? You will have a whole new generation of youngsters describing Ram as someone who slept with a new girl every night and who was a horny hunky stud.

How could someone like Ms. Leela Samson who is so closely related to the cultural life of India as an exponent of Bharatnatyam not take these factors into account? If she did not, was it a deliberate oversight? Is she a part of an anti-Hindu phalanx of the leftists and the secularists and the Islamist posing as left liberal intellectuals? I'm also surprised by the Judgment of the Delhi High Court that dismissed the appeal by Hindu organizations and even imposed a fine on the petitioners.

And the lawyer who represented Bhansali was fighting his first case and the fact that he is Kapil Sibbal's son also indicates a diabolic and deliberate conspiracy. Sibbal is less of a lawyer and more of a court fixer and his prominence in Sonia Gandhi's inner cabal is mainly due to his ability to swing court verdicts in the favor of the party in critically important cases. Sibbal, in my view, acted as a point-man and go-between for sundry secularists like Teesta Setalvad to fix Modi through the Supreme Court and the CBI route.

In a scenario where the Supreme Court judges have been found to be sexually exploiting young interns, Sibbal's job is far easier than what we may assume. Quite a few of the Supreme Court and High Court judges have risen from the same ranks as Sibbal and thus he knows them well. He knows how to make them fall in line.

Interestingly, the battery of lawyers that holds prominent organizational and government responsibilities in the present ruling dispensation has a particular talent in fixing court cases and swinging judicial appointments for their favorite government pleaders.

One of them was also caught on tape getting a blowjob from an aspirant in lieu of a promise to have her appointed as a High Court judge. Yes, a HIGH COURT JUDGE.

And that is merely a discovered tip of the gigantic and largely hidden iceberg of judicial corruption.

Now, if you wish to write a letter of protest to the Chairman CBFC Ms. Leela Samson and its CEO regarding this, here are the addresses and contact details.

The Central Board of Film Certification

Smt. Leela Samson (Chairperson)
91-E, Bharat Bhavan,
Walkeshwar Road,
022-23631048 (O)
E. Mail:

The Chief Executive Officer
91-E, Bharat Bhavan,
Walkeshwar Road,
022-23631048 (O)
E. Mail:

Rajesh Kumar Singh