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Don’t call them ‘people from the North-East’, they are Hindus and Indians

The secularists are at it yet again. If you recall they tried to project blasts in a Mumbai local as an attack on Gujaratis in an attempt to isolate them from the rest of Indians. Now, they are deliberately calling the Hindus of the north-eastern states ‘people of North-East’. They are serving the Islamist cause by isolating them from the Hindus of the rest of India, thus creating a greater sense of insecurity in their minds and resultant panic.

I hope the assurances of the RSS, the VHP, the ABVP, the BJP, the Shiv Sena, and the other Hindu organizations will prove helpful in lifting the morale of the Hindus of the north-eastern states and instilling in them the courage and confidence to stay put and to resist any attempts to take away their right to life, liberty, and livelihood anywhere in India.

Rajdeep Sirdesai and Barkha Dutt, the two blots on the name of journalism, were trying to trick us into believing that it was not a Hindu-Muslim issue. What is it then? The Islamists are not targeting Muslims from the north-eastern states. They are targeting Hindus. All separatist elements who are out to weaken India politically and economically play this game assiduously. They create caste and regional divides within the Hindu body politic. Sirdesai and Dutt are doing exactly that.

What do they fear? They claim they don’t want communal polarization. What they don’t want is the political and cultural polarization of Hindus. They have nothing against the political polarization of Muslims though. In fact, they nurture and encourage it as do the Congress governments and leaders in Delhi as well as the states. They deliberately demonize Hindu leaders like Modi, Advani, and Thakre. It serves their electoral interests. The other day, a Congress leader was exhorting the Muslims in Gujarat to come out and vote en-block to defeat Modi, the demon.

Please note, particularly those who consider themselves the most liberal among humanity, there is nothing wrong in the political, cultural, and social polarization of Hindus. It is good for our nation and even for our minorities. It brings an end to the politics of vote banks and strengthens the unity of our nation. It also keeps in check mischief-mongering Islamists, separatists, radicals, and sundry bigots by curtailing their maneuvering space within the larger community. It sends a strong signal to the political class to perform on secular parameters of governance like economy, education, healthcare, industrial and agricultural growth, and internal and external security.

If the American political system seems extremely concerned about jobs and healthcare of the ‘aam’ Americans, it is thanks to the political polarization and dominance of Christians in that country. We know that Christianity is not as tolerant and inclusive as Hinduism. Yet the US government largely follows liberal policies and it seems to stick to the letters of its constitution and laws. It’s because of the essentially liberal nature of humanity. In a large congregation, liberalism has its sway. Divide it, and the space for illiberal, intolerant, divisive, and self-serving elements grows. They inevitably become dominant in a smaller group and start calling the shots. 

The political polarization and dominance of Hindus is the only guarantee of unity, territorial integrity, economic growth, and progress of our country and its absence is the root cause of EVERY problem we face as a society and nation. The day Hindus from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kamrup to Kachch unite, a new stronger, tolerant, liberal, prosperous, peaceful, happy and beautiful India will emerge. It will bring an end to regional, communal, and parochial politics. If the enemies of our nation and shortsighted, power-hungry, corrupt, and incompetent politicians fear anything, it is a united Hindu body politic since it will marginalize and render them irrelevant. It will also bring the era of insensitive, unaccountable, corrupt, and self-serving ‘power-for-power’s-sake’ governance to an end.

Will such Hindu polarization not cause strife and religious rift? What strife and rift? It will end all strife and rift. Let me give a crude example.

A lot of liberals think Bal Thakre and his clan including his estranged nephew are parochial and corrupt. Even I think they are self-serving idiots. In the post-Babari period, the Thakares rose above their regional politics and instead of ‘Marathi Manoos’ started talking about ‘Hindu Pad Padshahi’. They also exhorted the Shiv Sainiks to respond to the unchecked mayhem created on the streets of Mumbai by the Islamist goons. Bal Thakre became the Hindu Hriday Samrat after that since Hindus in general looked at him as their savior. They voted in unison for the Hindutva combine and the first Shiv Sena-BJP government was formed. What happened after that? Some may disagree with me, but I sincerely believe that in the last 20 year-history of Maharashtra, the 5-year BJP-SS rule was the best and probably the least corrupt. There was no communal violence and not a single terror strike during that period. The government was fair to all communities and their tenure was largely scam-free.

Look at what happened later. They lost the elections as the Hindu unity was fractured yet again. Caste divisions came to the fore since an emotive uniting issue like Ramjanmbhoomi was given a quiet burial by Vajpayee to project himself as a liberal-secular leader. The entire opposition was united, and Muslims voted en-block and the Congress-NCP government came to power. What happened next? The Congress encouraged divisions within the Shiv Sena ranks, lured some of its over-ambitious leaders into its fold, split the party and deliberately encouraged Raj Thakre’s parochial politics to divide the Maratha votes. It forced Bal Thakre to revert back to his ‘Mumbai for Marathi’ agenda. Thus a Marathi Manoos vs. North Indian divide was created to weaken Hindus politically. The Congress, the Communists, and sundry secularists don’t want Hindus to be politically united since their survival depends on the divisions in Hindu ranks.

The Congress and NCP had their job cut out now. They just had to take care of their Muslim vote bank. They let the Islamists spread their tentacles within the community. Terrorists struck Mumbai repeatedly. The media and secularists like Javed Akhtar and sundry Muslim leaders acted with great alacrity and kept dousing the anger of people, warning against communal polarization since it would only serve the cause of the enemy. What they actually feared was the Hindu polarization and the return of the BJP and Shiv Sena to power. The generally liberal Hindus bought the argument and stayed in a confused state thanks to a pro-Congress media. They did not even have a pole to polarize around any more. The Maratha and Uttar Bhartiya divide got deep-rooted too.

In the wake of these developments, we suddenly see the emergence of institutions like the Raza Academy. They protest over Danish cartoons and whatever is happening to Islam around the world. These protests get massive response obviously as a result of a well-planned and deep-rooted networking exercise. These groups also protest over police action against terror outfits like the Indian Mujahidin, and collect funds in mosques to fight the cases of the bomb-blast and terror accused. Thakre warns, bloggers like me write about it, but who pays heed to such ‘communal’ tirade and views? Nobody questions the Islamists. Suddenly, Chidambaram offers them an official alibi called 'saffron terror'. Javed Akhtar is quick to latch on to it to browbeat the Hindutva brigade in TV debates while Mumbai and Maharashtra turn into an important operations base of the Indian Mujahidin (IM). The Islamists have a field day and expand their network within the larger community. They gain legitimacy as well.

They finally decided to test the waters and break the relative calm with the Azaad Maidan protest. The Mumbai police was caught off guard. Its political masters had tied its hands even otherwise. It had done nothing to solve the serial blasts at Zhaveri Bazaar and elsewhere because of that. The public and media outrage was doused again with the constant propaganda of secularists and the media who would now also cite saffron terrorists as probable suspects.

But what was it that the Islamists were trying to do at Azaad Maidan? They wanted to see how Hindus reacted to their belligerence. The Hindu response was muted since the media deliberately played the whole thing down. If some Bajrang Dal activists had even touched a Star ABP TV reporter by a barge pole, it would have  been broadcast widely and repeatedly, and termed as a heinous attack of Hindutva forces on the media. Here, OB vans were torched, the media was openly threatened and chased away, yet even the names of the organizers were not disclosed.

What was the argument? “We did not want communal polarization.”  It means they want Hindus to remain oblivious to whatever is going on around them. They don’t realize that it is the fear of a Hindu backlash that is the cause of the relative calm the city has seen since 1993. Once that fear is gone, we shall be back to the dark days of endemic and frequent communal conflagrations. If the secularists and the media think that by desensitizing Hindus and not letting them look at themselves as a community, the problem of Islamist terrorism and subterfuge will vanish, they are mistaken. The idiots don’t understand that Hindu unity is the solution, and not the problem. It guarantees peace and harmony in our society and even good governance.

Now, let me reiterate that those being termed as ‘the people from NE’ are Hindus and thus part of the larger Hindu community and even if a strand of their hair is touched by Islamist goons in the name of solidarity with Assamese or Bangladeshi or Myanmar Muslims, it must be taken as an attack on all Hindus, and Indians and on the idea of India itself. We should be ready to defend the honor and life of our brothers and sisters from the North-East regions. Remember there will be no India without Hindus, and no Hindus without India.

And here is an appeal to our Hindu brothers and sisters from the North-East wherever they are. Don’t get cowed down by SMS threats. Stand up, face the brutes with all your might. If any person or group targets you and attacks you in anyway, defend yourself, and give a fitting reply. Don’t act like cowards. You are not. Learn to fight back for your life, honor, and rights as the true inheritors of the legacy of your great ancestors. And you will soon see how these cowards take to their heels. You must not forget that this is your country and land and home and you should be ever ready to resist and fight the miscreants, goons, and the traitors to this nation. And you will never be alone in this fight.

Jai Bhavani, Jai Bharat, Vande Mataram

Rajesh Kumar Singh