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Nitish Kumar, Sibal, and Javed Akhtar kind are attacking Modi with blatant lies and misinformation

The capacity of Modi haters and baiters to tell blatant and brazen white lies amazes me. They include politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Nitish Kumar, Kapil Sibal, and journalists like Sankarashan Thakur, Rajdeep Sirdesai, Barkha Dutt, and socialites like Javed Akhtar and countless others including a majority of English language journalists.

They lie in the face of glaring naked facts. And look at their chutzpah, they claim it’s Modi who is lying.

I also have a feeling that foreign languages have a damaging impact on the conscience of the natives. I have found Indian language journalists to be more conscientious. 

Kapil Sibal , the law minister of the country, would have been booked for perjury had he said in a court of law what he said in a press conference a few days ago.  He said Modi did not know the nation’s history, how could he create one. Sibal proclaimed proudly that Chandrgupt Maurya was from the Gupta Dynasty and Modi did not know this simple fact. This amply betrayed his idiocy. Next day, in an agency report in the Mumbai Mirror, Sibal’s lie was corrected by the news agency on its own volition thus establishing its complicity with the Goebbelian anti-Modi diatribe and propaganda of the Delhi regime.

Earlier, Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, had raised questions about Modi’s knowledge of Bihar’s history. Did Nitish do it out of ignorance? Certainly not. He tried to misinform people deliberately. And one of his cronies in the media, an English speaking ‘bhand’ Sankarshan Thakur, even wrote a ‘fact check’ feature on Nitish’s misinformation in The Telegraph of Kolkata that was enthusiastically circulated on the internet by the likes of Javed Akhtar.  This was a devious subterfuge to paint Modi as a liar by the gang of Modi haters.

When Javed Akhtar was slammed with facts, he started clamoring that Modi supporters are crude and vulgar. They were anything but crude and vulgar. He obviously cannot digest the truth.

In fact Modi spoke nothing but the truth in his Patna rally, and he is obviously better informed of the glorious history of Bihar than Nitish Kumar. The politicians and journalists who are still carrying on with their tirade over the issue could have easily discovered the truth through a cursory 5-minutes browsing of ancient Indian history on the Internet. 

Takshshila in Pakistan?

Nitish Kumar ridiculed Modi and called him a liar over his reference to Takshshila in his speech at the Patna rally. Nitish had visited Takshshila in Pakistan yet he did not know its importance and the fact that Pakistan and Afghanistan (Gandhar) were part of India during the ancient Magadhan empire. Modi knew it, Nitish did not. The devious Nitish ignored the fact that Pakistan came into existence only in 1947. Takshshila was always part of India prior to the partition and more so when the Magadhans (today’s Biharis) unified and ruled India. From Afghanistan to down south, India was under the Magadhan (Bihari) suzerainty during the Mauryan rule. Takshshila was a great seat of learning and Acharya Chanakya was a teacher in the University of Takshshila. He was a professor of economics and political science there. He mentored Chandrgupt Maurya.

Alexander and Bihar (Magadh)

Nitish and his minion Sankarshan Thakur also heaped scorn over Modi for his remark that Biharis defeated Alexander and made him to retreat. They said that Alexander never came to the shores of the Ganga. They forgot in their enthusiasm to belittle Modi that he was reciting a couplet of Iqbal. The couplet refers to the land of the Ganga, Magadh, as a metaphor. The fact is that Alexander’s soldiers revolted against him when they saw the mighty Magadhan (Bihari) army of Dhananand on the banks of the Bias or probably the Jhelum river and thus he was forced to abandon his India campaign.

The present day Punjab and Sindh were all under the Magadhan suzerainty. Magadh was ruled by the Nanda dynasty at that time. Later, Chandrgupt Maurya, guided by his mentor Acharya Chanakya, defeated Dhananand and started the Maurya dynasty and drove out the remaining satraps of Alexander from the Indian soil.

Chandragupt Maurya and Chandrgupt

Both were Magadhans (Biharis). Chandrgupt Maurya established the Maurya dynasty that unified the whole of India in geopolitical terms though we were always united culturally. The Mughals and the British divided us culturally and geopolitically.  The Congress, the Commies, and the secularists are simply carrying on that legacy of divide and rule. There were also two rulers by the name Chandragupt during the Gupta dynasty that ruled Magadh after the Mauryas. One of them was also known as Chandrgupt Vikramaditya. The high points of his period were the growth of fine arts and human creativity - architecture, sculptures and paintings.

The Gupta period produced scholars such as Kalidasa, Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Vishnu Sharma and Vatsyayana who made great advancements in many academic fields. Science and political administration reached new heights during the Gupta era. It was the era of wealth and prosperity and that finally led to decadence. It is also considered the golden era of India.

Modi said Nehru did not attend Patel’s funeral. Did Modi actually say that? 

Modi had never said anything like that anywhere. The story was mischievously planted and later retracted by the newspaper that published it. In the mean time sundry Congress stooges, refuting Modi’s purported claim, circulated this canard on the social network sites.

That’s the latest subterfuge of the wily Modi haters, they plant falsehood in the media with active connivance of certain journalists, attribute it to Modi, slam him and when the lie is exposed, they sit back. It’s a grand Goebbelian design and a dirty and devious tactical ploy to confuse people. The absence of quick rebuttals in the media by the BJP spokespersons is quite disappointing though. On the social media none of these lies have gone unchallenged thanks to the extremely alert and aware Modi supporters. 

Now, the question is why the media and some of the journalists don't expose the lies of people like Nitish Kumar, Digvijay Singh, and Sibal. They should nail these lies in press conferences and panel discussions themselves as their duty to bring the truth out. Why don't they do it? The answer is very simple and well-known now. The mere mention of the sentence 'hamare media ke mitr' by Narendra Modi makes his audience break into loud guffaws. The credibility of the print and the electronic media is at its nadir today. Who should we blame for the decline of this important institution? Of course, the present Sonia regime, that has destroyed the credibility and integrity of every democratic institution including that of the media.

Rajesh Kumar Singh