Know your Rafale & how Hollande ‘Horndog’ got his girlfriend’s film funded by Phantom in 2013



What are we buying?


Indian Government or any Indian industrialist is not making Rafale Fighter Jets in India. We are buying fully operational, combat ready 36 fighters, best in the class, loaded with additional state of the art equipment and armament, off the shelf, from Dassault.


What’s the cost of these fully loaded fighters?


$ 8.9 Billion i.e About 63,000 crores at current rate of exchange.


What comes with the aircraft for this price?


That’s the top secret, never to be disclosed. Suffice to say that the cost of the basic machine with equipment is 20% less than what UPA had negotiated taking into account various escalations etc. And we must trust Arun Jaitly and CAG over it. If Dassault has given us a better deal it won’t like that to be known to its other customers. Moreover, no nation ever discloses publicly the nitty-gritty of defence deals. That will seriously harm and compromise the nation’s security interests.

Those who demand such disclosures are nation’s enemies. Even in the case of Bofors no such demand was ever made. Do you remember how Americans would make sure their flying machines shot down in combat zones were completely destroyed and their black boxes recovered? They didn’t want anyone to know about their defence technology.    

Offset Clause in the Agreement, what it means?


As per this agreement 50% of 63,000 crores (32000 Cr) will be reinvested by Dassault in its operations outsourced to Indian Offset partners. The objective of this clause is clearly aimed at building the defence equipment manufacturing capability of our nation and generating training and employment opportunities domestically.


Now, these partners include Reliance, Tatas, Mahindra & Mahindra, L&T, Godrej, Snecma HAL Aerospace Ltd. Kayani Group, etc. There are reportedly 72 such offset partners, DIRECTLY chosen after due diligence by Dassault. Look at them. They are Indian industrialists known for setting up large scale manufacturing units and completing turnkey projects. These partners will be free to work on Rafale or non-Rafale related projects.


What experience they have in defence equipment manufacturing?


Most of them have very little or no experience in manufacturing defence equipment.

India under Congress rule didn’t allow Indian industrialists to enter the defence equipment manufacturing sector since buying such equipment was more profitable to the Nehru-Gandhi-Sonia dynasty and its minions who acted as agents and arms dealers and pocketed billions through cocktail party networking without doing much. It also had a serious corrupting influence on our security forces. We saw how retired generals and other officers turned middlemen in arms procurement and minted billions while our manufacturing remained crippled.  

Why not HAL? But Snecma-HAL is one of the offset partners.


Do you remember Rang De Basanti film and also various accidents of MIGs? The blame largely rests with HAL’s ‘jugadu’ technology. Even IAF does not trust HAL for its sloth and slovenliness. However, a joint venture of HAL and Dassault’s other arm Snecma, Snecma HAL Aerospace Ltd., is part of the deal. Dassault is free to choose its partners and it does not rely on HAL because of its previous experience in dealing with it.


What’s Reliance share in this?


3% or thereabout. (Source Opindia)


What is Dassault Reliance Aeropsace?


This is the fun part. Dassault already has a joint venture company with Reliance. Mukesh Ambani had a relationship going with Rafale during the UPA rule and had a tie up with Dassault. The Ambanis have always been close to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Finally, Dassault Reliance Aerospace came into existence. It makes parts for Falcon 2000 Civil Jets manufactured by Dassault Aviation. These are small jet planes made for the rich and powerful. ‘It’s part of global supply chain network of Dassault.’*


However, DRA won’t have anything to do with the Rafale project. A new joint venture is proposed in which ‘Dassault will invest around € 100 million as part of offset obligations related to the Rafale deal, which is less than 3% of the total offset obligation’*. Reliance is not getting US$20 billion or even US$4 billion as Pappu seems to think, the investment is less than USD$ 120 million.

* Quoted from Opinida




Now, what about former French President Hollande ‘Horndog’ and his girlfriend’s film?


This is interesting since I have personal experience of it. In 2013 when Indian film industry was celebrating 100 years of cinema, in the month of May during the Cannes Film Festival an Indo-French party was held at Cannes at its main party venue. India was the guest country that year. I was one of the invitees to the party. Vidya Balan too was part of the Cannes Competition Jury headed by Steven Spielberg. The lesbian porn film ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ won the Palme d’Or that year. Vidya was there at the Party as well and so were others like Aishwarya Rai, Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar etc. I also recall how the much celebrated master chef of the party served both veg and non-veg stuff in the same pre-arranged thali so idiotically.


Anurag Kashyap is conferred a French civilian honour


The French Minister of Culture conferred one of the minor civilian honours called the 'Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters’ on Anurag Kashyap on behalf of the French President and nation before the party started. I was surprised. But the most talked about person in the party was Francois Hollande’s girlfriend. (I’m not sure which one since he had two of them at that time). She was a kind of the host and toast of the party.


Now we learn that 'Tout en Haute’ (Long Way North) the French animation film allegedly produced by his girl friend was co-produced by Phantom owned by Kashyap and his buddies with significant Reliance stake in it, which still left the control of Phantom to original owners. This must have happened around 2014.


The quid pro quo took place in 2013 when Modi was nowhere on the scene


So, I can clearly see a quid pro quo here. Hollande, described by New York Post as ‘France’s horndog president’, seemingly had a barter arrangement with Phantom.

Anurag got honoured, 'Tout en Haute' got funded.


The funding happened much earlier to final signing of Indo-French Rafale deal. Modi didn’t exist on the scene.

Link to New York Post article on Hollande


So, why did Hollande initially try to put the blame on Indian government?


He is alreday under investigation. I don't know if the kind of quid pro quo arrangement he had with Anurag Kashyap to secure funding for the film of one of his girlfriends is considered serious case of corruption in France. If it's corrutpion, he was obviously trying to deflect. He backtracked when he realised it may boomrang on him.

And note this. If anyone thinks the Ambanis need plug in help from Modi in global market he/she is an absolute idiot. Reliance does not need Modi's help to get introducd to Dassault. None knows the ways of global business better than the Ambanis. Dassault will be ready to partner with Reliance any day any time on any project.

So, what’s the situation now?


It’s very clear. Dassault , the French Government and Hollande have trashed the dubious and fake media report, obviously a planned hit job, which was the basis of the attack on Narendra Modi of the #CharasiClownPrince, his minions and wily equivocating presstitutes. Their subterfuge is exposed yet again.

The fact is, under the regime of our Prime Minister Modi, profligate Anil Ambani had to hive off his ‘cash cow’ like Reliance Energy to pay up his dues to banks. Had it been UPA, he would have shared the loot with Sonia & Chidmabram and kept the ownership of the company as well.

I have seen nearly all the Prime Ministers of India, from Lal Bahadur Shastri to Narendra Modi. I can say this with absolute certainty, in spite of certain differences I have with his regime and BJP, he is the best of them all. After Shashtri he is the only incorruptible and selfless PM we have had. He will never let this country down.

Write it down on granite stone. Narendra Modi is INCORRUPTIBLE and he will never let this nation down. Never.

This is inspired by Opindia Article with additional inputs from me. Here is the link to the Opindia article.


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