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A friend had suggested that I watch this charlatan's interview with Rajdeep Sirdesai given soon after his resignation as the CM of Delhi and I did it.

And when I heard him proclaiming that he slept in the open in 4 degree temperature as if it was the greatest sacrifice made by a politician I was amazed by his stupid gall. Either he is an idiot or everyone else is who gets impressed by such brazen bull-shitting.

The bastardised activist does not know what sufferings people go through for this nation and claims martyrdom for sleeping on a Delhi street in a cold winter night covered with a heavy colourful quilt and surrounded by policemen in their normal police uniforms. Kejari was not the TAPASWI HERE, those policemen on night duty were.

Yet he makes it sound as if he was doing tapasya on Mt. Everest with no clothes on.

The charlatan, it seems, could also snatch a few hours of sleep during all the turmoil. That's a typical boon all crooks enjoy by the strange mercy of God…They don't have a conscience and thus can lie with a straight face, and in a soft voice, and with a childlike smile. Natwarlal was one of them, and so were the Satyam head honcho and every chit-fund fraudster.

Kejari does not know that political activists spent 18 months in jail and yet kept fighting Indira Gandhi's authoritarian regime. He does not seem to know that millions in this country sleep in far worse conditions. Does he not know how political activists were brutalised by Congi and Commie regimes and the kind of repression that was unleashed on them and how many of them lost their lives? He is a crook and there are no doubts about it.

All through the interview he lies. And Rajdeep Sirdesai deliberately does not ask the key questions like what did he do with his 370 page charge sheet against Sheila Dikshit.

He talks about the CAG audit of the Electricty companies as a major achievement. He knows that the move meant nothing. This was a subterfuge and PURE TOKENISM since he knew that his allegations of profiteering by these companies was not based on hard facts. He had claimed that he had the figures and the calculations and was certain that the electricity companies were overcharging and he can bring the electricity bill down by 50%. Where did those calculations disappear?

Where is the issue of letting the DISCOMS have legitimate profit? He has wholly subsidized the tariff reduction to fulfil a false promise. So, it's not Anil Ambani but the people of Delhi who will bear the burden of Tariff Reduction. He has fleeced the people. The profits of AMBANI's COMPANY remain intact.

He says I have done a big thing by filing an FIR against Ambani. None had dared it before. Is that his achievement? Filing a harmles 'non-actionable' FIR in a case that's already in the High Court. And who took the case to the High Court…Guess who? Those he accuses of hobnobbing with Mukesh Ambani were the ones who went to the Court - the Government of Gujarat and the BJP MPs who were all along opposed to the Central Govt.'s move based on Rangrajan Committee recommendations. And the decision to raise the gas price would benefit ONGC more than Reliance or the Gujarat Patroleum Corporation. Kejari does not even care to study the issue in detail and begins his sloganeering...pure tamaashebaazi of the kind he indulged in during the Delhi state elections and later had to backtrack on every word he spoke or promise made during the campaign.

What more, Kejari parrots out the same arguments that were given by the Government of Gujarat in the first place. The gas price hike will increase costs and add to the inflationary pressure. He steals ideas and words and keeps blurting them out as his own…What a crook he is? And after having done that, he still tries to implicate the Government of Gujarat and Modi in his rhetorical lies.

He talks about the announcement of SIT over 1984 Sikh pogrom. This is a sickening stunt and of very little consequence and an example of convenient tokenism and empty posturing. Enough investigations have been done in the past. The matter has gone on for 30 years…Another investigation? Is it not a joke?

He says corruption has come down. We also know now that Transparency International has refuted the lies of Shazia Ilmi and Kejari. Whenever a new government comes to power its ministers resort to such gimmicks like midnight raids and everyone feels things are happening for a while. Where was the attempt or even a solid plan to create a system that addresses the issues of corruption cogently? What happened to Sheila's corruption? Why did Rajdeep not ask about it?

He says he has controlled the touts. For how many weeks? 4 weeks and he should be judged by his performance record of four weeks. What a joke? He has done nothing but made big pronouncements and done street tamasha. And he has not controlled the touts. He has brought in his own goons to run the water mafia.

He could not even prepare the draft of the Jan Lokpal Bill and now he says it's amended Delhi Lokayukt Bill. Why did he not give the bill to the MLAs in Delhi assembly? I'm dead certain none of the Aap Ministers had even read the bill. JLP is a sham. And if it was to be the same bill as the one passed by the BJP government in Uttarakhand, he should have circulated it. He never intended to.

He says Modi does not talk about security. What else Modi talks about? He also does something about it, makes Gujarat the safest state of India.

Kejari is one of those suave talking bastardised banias who fleece little kids. He takes the people of India to be little kids.

He asks why Modi did not speak about the gas prices. The established fact is that the Gujarat Government did it most vociferously. Yet he keeps repeating the lie and Sirdesai does not counter him with facts.

And look at where the interview is held, in Kejari's office, with his portrait behind him on the wall, shameless Rajdeep takes all this shit purveyed by Kejari, an obviously self-centred egomaniac with very little substance.

He is a crook and this interview was a fixed one. And a shameless Congi agent Rajdeep avoids all the uncomfortable questions and does not even pin him down on his blatant lies. Yet it provides enough evidence that KEJARI IS A CROOK.

He totally blacks out the UPA corruption. That's a very interesting thing he does. It means Sonia has his clean chit. He brandished 370 pages of evidence against Sheila in his election meetings, he does not brandish anything against nearly 5 lakh crores worth corruption of Sonia.

He also flashed the SWISS BANK ACCOUNT details of the Ambanis in a public meeting. They have been proven to be false. He can flash even a blank paper as proof of corruption from the stage. He is a confidence trickster propped up by the media crooks and the corrupt Congi regime.

He says he had the numbers since he was an IT officer. The question is what did he do with these numbers all these years? Why did he not report the matter to his seniors? Why did he not initiate action against the Ambanis? Why did he not issue a notice to them? If someone stopped him from doing this, he should name the person.

Why did he not disclose this after leaving his government job and during the anti-corruption movement?  Why did he not give it to Baba Ramdev? Why was he keeping it a secret when he was the Delhi CM?

What a white liar is he. This is all subterfuge. I've never come across such a bastardised human being ever in my life. If he is an honest man, Dawood Ebrahim and Raman Raghav deserve sainthood.

He is a charlatan. What did he do in 49 days except making tall pronouncements? Nothing. ZILCH. He could keep none of his promises. He could not even discover one little evidence against Sheila and now she will rightly claim innocence because of this crook.

Rajesh Kumar Singh