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Extra-ordinary relief to Dutt and other Bombay Bomb Blast convicts

It raises serious doubts about the integrity of Supreme Court judges and their judgments and pronouncements. It also calls for a review of the Article 142 of Indian Constitution and the need to amend it to curtail the discretionary powers of the Supreme Court judges that can be used to grant special favors for extra-judicial and even political considerations.

The Supreme Court judges have made a mockery of justice. They have repeatedly offered extraordinary relief to Sanjay Dutt apparently under instructions from ‘higher-ups’ in the ruling dispensation. They offered him bail by inventing a flimsy gound like he had not received the court papers. These shenanigans and travesty of justice have been going on right from the beginning of the 1993 Bombay Blast case. One just has to look at the records of the Supreme Court judgments and proceedings, and analyze them cursorily to discover prima facie how the Congress party has tried to oblige the son of the late Sunil Dutt even at the expense of compromising and damaging the integrity and credibility of the highest judicial forum. It started soon after Sanjay Dutt was first arrested and made an accused in the case.

The ruling class, the TADA court, and the Supreme Court have contributed in large measures to the dilution of the 1993 Bombay Bomb Blasts case and have nearly turned it into a farce. The perpetrators of the biggest terrorist attack in the history of pre 9/11 world have almost gone scot-free and many of them are already roaming around the streets of Mumbai like the rest of us.

In contrast, look at how the Supreme Court appointed SIT, which is enthusiastically seeking death sentences and life-long imprisonment for the Gujarat riot convicts. These convictions were secured through the Gujarat court judges who were put under extreme pressure by the Supreme Court, the media, and wily activists to deliver guilty verdicts based on the false testimonies of the obviously trained, tutored, and contaminated witnesses.

The Supreme Court judges seem to be totally compromised and the Aam Janata that pays for their upkeep has the right to demand a serious investigation into their conduct to unearth their links with the Congress party and the government and the senior counselors who are known to act as court fixers. These judges should be kept on the ‘corruption’ watch list. They seem to have turned the highest court in the land into the supreme den of corruption, political intrigues, favoritism, and even into a laughing stock. 

Justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan and even the Chief Justice Altmas Kabeer seem part of a conspiracy to help Dutt and the other Bombay Bomb Blast accused. I believe it was a deliberate ploy to separate Sanjay Dutt’s case from the other convicts when the judgment on his plea was postponed by a day. It was a strategic move. Altmas Kabeer, Sathasivam, and Chauhan already knew what they were going to do. The CBI counsel was just part of the charade and his protest was merely a display of tokenism to create an impression that the government agency was not in any way trying to help Dutt. It was a pre-scripted drama.

I am also appalled at the alacrity with which Sathasivam and Chauhan averred that Dutt’s case was peculiar. They did not even try to verify if his submission that he had to complete seven movies, and that Rs.278 crores of the industry were at stake in them was actually true. I am certain now that he had hurriedly signed for his cameo appearances in most of these movies as a deliberate last-minute strategy advised by his lawyers. All these movies were signed in the last few months prior to the judgment day, including the third installment of MUNNABHAI.

And the figure of Rs.278 crores is a figment of someone’s fertile imagination. The media has also been perpetuating this falsehood without studying the claim. Reshooting of Dutt’s scenes in some of these films will cost just a few crores. His major film Munnabhai has not even gone on the floors. The only film in which he plays a full-fledged hero is Policegeeri, which is already complete and ready for release. In my layman’s view, Harish Salve and Dutt have committed perjury and have knowingly misled the court.

I am also appalled at the observation of Sathasivam and Chauhan that the CBI did not appeal against Dutt’s exclusion from TADA and thus he can be given a reprieve. How can this be a reason to show leniency to him?  Who had stopped the judges to reprimand the CBI for the serious lapse and direct it to appeal against his exclusion from the ambit of TADA? The Supreme Court judges have been doing this in every case related to the 2002 Gujarat riots, asking for retrials and reinvestigations and even moving these cases out of Gujarat. Why did the judges keep mum in Dutt’s case even after having discovered that the CBI was clandestinely going soft on him? The CBI’s act of omission was so obvious. It even disregarded the advice of its own public prosecutor in the TADA Court, Ujjwal Nikam, and kept him out of the loop while the case went in appeal to the Supreme Court.

Where do you go for justice now even if you have the financial capacity to seek it after having realized that the Supreme Court judgments can also be bought, fixed, and manipulated?