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This is for all Indians in general, and Aap supporters in particular


Those who think otherwise are traitors to the nation in my view. The 2014 Parliamentary elections are even more important elections than 1977. We had to save democracy in 1977.  Now, in 2014, we have to save India. 

We need a strong and stable government to save investments worth thousands of crores of aam aadmis, retirees, and working people. We cannot turn governance into a street tamasha and theatre at this juncture.

We need a strong and stable government to ensure our internal and external security and give a fitting response to the enemies of our nation. 

We need a stable and strong government to hold it accountable. Only such a government cannot get away with the excuse that since it did not have a majority on its own, it could not perform. That's what Kejariwal did. That's what MMS did for ten years. Both blamed others for their failures.

We need a strong and stable government to deal with divisive forces out to break our nation and its spirit.

We need a strong and stable government to ensure quick decision-making and faster economic growth to generate employment.

We also need a strong and decisive leader who believes in federal principles and does not squander away the public money to distribute freebies and to bribe poor voters to win elections.

I’m addressing this particularly to Aap supporters, most of whom would have voted for the BJP before the emergence of this party.

They seem to parrot out the standard lines handed out to them by Kejari and gang. Let me tell them that corruption does not disappear like that. It requires sustained hard work. And the solution does not lie in some new bill and institution.  As succinctly put by Namo, it’s not a new Act but action that’s the need of the hour. An act like IPC with its section 302 exists, yet murders happen.

And ‘tamaashebaazi’ for the benefit of the media takes us nowhere. We have not yet turned a banana state that we need to resort to a fashionable Tehreer Square kind of anarchy in our excitement just because it gives us a kind of a false high as global revolutionaries.    

Whatever Kejari and gang may insinuate with their half truths, Modi has fought corruption not by tamshebaazi and this or that Lokpal but by improving the system, managing it better, and making it accountable. He stopped the transfer business, the real reason behind political and bureaucratic corruption. He started the process of appointments based on mark-sheet numbers and on strictly objective criteria. And he created systems that easily identify corrupt practices. He works hard and produces results and guides the destiny of his state.

He made Gujarat the most attractive destination of India for industry, by removing red tape and thus created huge job opportunities.

So, learn to work hard, and this euphoria you are part of and getting a big kick out of, won't last. I have seen V.P. Singh and was myself part of the J.P. movement in a big way. Your leader is another V.P Singh, a liar and a devious politician and person.


If Kejari was serious about fighting corruption and setting an example, Delhi was his opportunity. He sat in the same chair as Sheila Dikshit and had he tried to unearth some solid evidence of her corruption he could have done it. He did not do it. He was never serious about it. He is a ‘bol bachchan’, a sloganeer.

He could have turned Delhi as his pilot project, as an example worth emulation. He did not care.  He was busy in tamaashebaazi, preparing the ground for early elections. He did not even demonstrate the intention to govern. He was in a hurry; his handlers wanted him to work at the other cause…thwarting Modi.

Modi is the only leader who has not bought votes by distributing freebies and then creating a subsidy burden on the state exchequer, ONE AND ONLY ONE. He does not make promises he cannot keep. He acts as a trustee of people’s money. While the Congress party is still talking about freebies, Modi has refused to do that.

Look at your leader; he takes charge and starts squandering people’s money to secure his vote bank. Whose money did Kejariwal use to offer free electricity and water? Neither Aap’s nor his baap’s money. ASK HIM. IT WAS YOUR MONEY, OUR MONEY. And he calls it as HIS achievement. WHAT ACHIEVEMENT IS THIS? He wastes people’s money and calls it HIS achievement. How dare he? 

This is what the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has been doing, and now we have a ‘mufflered’ illegitimate child of Sonia talking the language of the dynasty. If people of Delhi have any self-respect, they will pull him out of his government quarters holding him by the ears, and send him back to his Gurgaon house.

And what did he reform? Nothing. All through the election he told everyone that electricity companies are fleecing their customers. How? He never explained clearly. We believed he must have done his homework and it’s possible that Bijli and Paani Board is mismanaged.  He assumes power and suddenly we know he was lying. He never had the facts and figures and now he wants CAG to do that job. Why?

He is an engineer. He could always get technical experts to make the right calculations. He did not try to do that and put the ball in the SC and CAG court knowing it well it meant nothing. So devious he is. He fooled everyone and lied.

Do you know which is the biggest and most heinous act of corruption? It’s buying votes by promising freebies and the dirty politics of appeasement. This destroys democracy and turns us into a banana republic.

Look at what else Kejari did? He did exactly what Digvijay Singh has been doing for years, condoning acts of terror that killed hundreds of our countrymen just to get Muslim votes.

And now the real reason why an Aap supporter disgusts me the most. If you support Kejari, the blood of those innocent Indians will be on your hands. If you support Prashant Bushan, the blood of our brave soldiers who died defending our nation at the borders to save Kashmir will be on your hands. And if you support murderous Naxals, you oppose democracy since the Naxals believe in subverting it. 

If you can sleep comfortably with all that blood on your hands and your treacherous conscience, I will consider you a traitor to the nation and spit on your face….You will be that ignoble bastard who can even rape his own mother and sister in his moments of euphoria. And if you are so keen to have your euphoric kick, better smoke pot. Don’t compromise and destroy the great destiny of this nation.

Rajesh Kumar Singh