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Turkish films shine at IFFI-2012

In the ‘Country Focus’ section at 43rd International Film Festival of India in Panaji, Goa, filmmakers and directors from Turkey talked about their experiences in film making in Turkey. One of the Producers of the film DO NOT FORGET ME ISTANBUL Huseyin Karabey, said he had almost gone bankrupt but the passion for filmmaking got him going. Recalling the good old days, he said before 80’s a lot of films were being produced in Turkey. The socio-political upheavals took its toll and their industry witnessed a period of lull. Things are changing gradually. Istanbul inspired him to make his latest film. DO NOT FORGET ME ISTANBUL is a collaboration between seven internationally acclaimed directors from the Balkans and the Middle East. Working with actors and professionals from Turkey, all the directors and scriptwriters in the project have either lived a short while in Istanbul, or have roots anchored in the city. In these six 15-minute short films, intense human emotions play out through multi-ethnic narratives that make Istanbul romantic, mysterious and simply unforgettable.

Tayfur Aydin, the director of another Turkish film THE TRACE, said he was impressed by Bollywood movies and felt closer to Asian and Eastern societies than Europe or Western countries. His film is the story of a family, forced to move to Istanbul from eastern Anatolia years ago.

Rajesh Kumar Singh