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43rd IFFI: Some make films for festivals for some it’s an addiction

Two directors of World Cinema – one from Mauritius and the other from Canada made a candid confession that they make films because of passion and addiction. Addressing a press conference under at the 43rd International Film Festival of India, Harikrishna Anenden from Mauritius, the director of the film THE CHILDREN OF TROUMARON said he was addicted to film making and not bothered about the film’s commercial success. He makes his films with non-professional actors and is inspired by the Indian film maestro Satyajit Ray and his land-mark film PATHER PANCHALI. His film is in French-Creole and is set in Troumaron, an impoverished area of Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius.

Ingrid Veninger, the Director of the film I AM A GOOD PERSON/ I AM A BAD PERSON said that she made films only for film festivals. Since she started her career as a child artiste and has acted in a number of films she knows the intricacies of film making. She said she made films out of passion and each film is made for a different reason. Veninger also acts in her black comedy film as Ruby White, an indie filmmaker trying to promote her latest project in Europe. Ruby’s 18-year-old daughter Sara (played by Hallie Switzer, the director’s real-life daughter) has tagged along for the ride, but their respective anxieties lead them to clash and eventually go their separate ways. The film is Veninger’s third feature that premiered at TIFF and earned kudos for blending the poignancy of a mother-daughter drama with a sharp satire of the independent filmmaking process.

Rajesh Kumar Singh