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What a shame! Now the Home Minister wants Pak help to deal with Islamist goons in India.

The country certainly needs a leader like Modi.

Hang your head in shame as an Indian. Your Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde wants Pakistan’s help to deal with Islamist goons. This Congress-UPA government has ruined the nation and brought shame to all of us. It must be thrown out by a mass upsurge ASAP because there won’t be a graver sin than to tolerate it any further. We feel so demoralized and disheartened today. Someone has to act firmly and decisively against these Islamist goons before they turn the entire nation into a war zone. We need a leader like Modi to lead the nation. We need the political polarization of Hindus. Let millions march to Delhi to bring this inept, corrupt, insensitive, and shameless government down. It is time to get really angry.

The Islamists wanted to demoralize us. They are succeeding in their intent and purpose. Look at how a handful of goons have  held the entire nation to ransom. According to reports, no less than a few lakh Indians have been coerced into leaving their jobs, studies, and homes and returning to their native states, having been made to feel like refugees in their own country. The millions who have stayed back are living under the fear of an impending catastrophe. They feel helpless. They have stayed back in the hope that country’s law and order machinery will act decisively. That does not seem to be happening and the Railways are more active in running special trains to deliver them back to the North-East.

It's time that the police, the IB, and every other internal security apparatus are given a free hand to act decisively and firmly. I am surprised that the policemen are not upset in spite of being thrashed, molested, and humiliated by the Islamist goons. In any other circumstance, they would have killed a few in fake encounters by now or booked them under MCOCA. The other day two guys beat up a policeman on JJ Hospital Flyover in Mumbai over a minor argument who could do nothing more than file a complaint at the nearby police station. What is going on here? What worst can happen to a Police force?

The Police must identify the Islamists who created havoc at Azaad Maidan and VT crack down on them, not merely to contain the communal fire but to extinguish it. I am sure they had an inkling of whatever was brewing under the surface, but were not able to act. They have been held back by their political bosses and the secularists who have been appeasing and even nurturing the Islamists to please their Muslim vote bank. It is a fact that a section of the Muslim intelligentsia and elite thinks that the Islamists have strategic importance for the community when it comes to negotiating concessions from the Indian state. That is why they are quick on their feet to defend them in media interviews and in courts. This was exactly the modus operandi of Muslim leaders like Jinnah before the Partition of India. It is like we are watching the remake of an old classic.

Unfortunately, very few Indians and Hindus care for history and learn lessons from it. At the most they create folklores out of historical events for their late evening fireside entertainment in cold winter months. In the new age, they have their TV sets where news channel entertainers like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sirdesai, and sundry others constantly entertain them with secularist tales and propaganda about communal harmony. The other certified storytellers like Javed Akhtar and Mahesh Bhatt join the chorus as well from time to time. These news anchors and TV journalists are so programmed that even after being thrashed and smashed by Islamist goons, they keep singing the same secularist tune. Their songs of secularism have nothing to do with our national security, prosperity, and peace. The code that rules their ‘secular’ matrix is designed to keep Sonia and the Congress in power even if the country burns in the Islamist and separatist hellfire.

And what are the biggest threats to a rank corrupt Congress government, and Sonia – the political polarization of Hindus and of course Narendra Modi. They have been using Modi’s spectre to harvest Muslims votes. ‘Congress ko vote do nahin to Modi aa jayega’. They are even trying to openly bribe Gujaratis to defeat Modi now.

If the Islamists and the secularists fear anything, it is a decisive leader like Modi who, hopefully, will not care to prove his secular credentials. They fear a leader who will look at and treat the Islamist threat as an internal security issue and deal with it unwaveringly and firmly with a secular approach without showing mercy to the marauders and molesters. The fact is Modi is more secular than secularist bagpipers like Sonia, Manmohan, Nitish, Mulayam, Lalu, Mamata, Patnaik, Karunanidhi, and the rest who go to any length to humor and entertain the Islamists and compete vigorously for Muslim votes. They are forever espousing the cause of the ‘deen-dukhi’ Muslims of India as portrayed by the Sacher Committee report, which was essentially sponsored to provide an alibi to the corrupt Congress Government for blatant minority appeasement.

Modi, on the other hand, is the only chief minister in India who constantly harps on ‘secular’ issues like economic development, education, and internal and external security.He calmly and meticulously carries on his work in spite of incendiary abuses hurled at him and numerous hurdles put in his way by the Delhi sultanate, the state’s governor, rabid secularists, the motivated Supreme Court and High Court judges, countless venom-spewing mediagogues, his jealous and jaded party colleagues, and a whole lot of blatant liars and cheats like Teesta Setalvad. I don’t think we have a single political leader in the country who is given so much shit and who survives and comes out a winner all the time. All attempts to pin him down come a cropper.

Here is the reality check. While the nation seems to be in the grip of a fear of an impending holocaust post Eid, including the capital Delhi, with thousands having fled to their home-states, if there is one Indian state where you feel safe and protected as the citizen of this country outside your hometown, it's Gujarat. It’s not that the Islamist miscreants will not be up to their shenanigans there, but they probably know that they are being watched closely and the Gujarat administration will act decisively to punish and finish them.