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The grand conspiracy to decimate Narendra Modi politically or otherwise

It is unprecedented in the history of democratic India. It started soon after the UPA I came to power. Every arm of the Central Government, the Governor, the media, the wily media-friendly activists, the scheming secularists, and the Supreme Court of India headed by the then CJI K. G. Balakrishnan have been a part of this well-planned and coordinated conspiracy. The Gujarat High Court judges have joined the gang too.

The conspiracy just stops short of employing 'supari-killers' to actually assassinate Modi. (They don't have to do it since Dawood's 'supari killers' are forever on the job). They have gone to extreme unimaginable lengths to wage a war of attrition against a democratically elected and popular leader like Modi with the sole objective of destroying him. The conspirators have compromised and subverted every democratic institution of our nation, from the President’s office, to the CEC and the judiciary at the lowest as well as the highest levels, to further their nefarious objectives. Modi survives their multi-pronged onslaught only because of the people of Gujarat who have stood with him like a rock.

A fair investigation in this grand criminal conspiracy will bring down the entire edifice of Indian democracy. None will remain untouched by the flames of the fire. Those who are gloating over the conviction orders of the special court judges in the Gujarat riot cases, terming the blatant travesty of justice as its grand triumph, will not find a corner to hide. They have only succeeded in browbeating and intimidating the lower court Gujarat judges into delivering rank bad judgments indicting innocent people. However, they have sown the seeds of a permanent divide. I hope Gujaratis in general, and Hindus in particular, understand this and respond in unison to teach a lesson to these conspirators.

The conspiracy seems to have taken root at the highest echelons and involves the top leadership of the Congress party and the ministers of the UPA government, including Sonia Gandhi and her close confidantes. A network of journalists, opinion-makers, mediagogues, activists, judges, and bureaucrats was created to execute it. They worked in cohesion with a modus-operandi that looked harmless and normal on the face of it. One can be certain that money has played a very important role in developing and sustaining this network. The role of the CBI and the other bureaucratic arms of the government to coerce the unwilling participants into doing the needful cannot be ruled out either.

Surprisingly, the Supreme Court of India became the main executioner in this conspiracy. It started with Justice Arijit Pasayat. He set the ball rolling with the phony retrial of the Best Bakery Case outside Gujarat. The zeal with which he targeted poor Zahira Sheikh, the only credible Best Bakery case witness who dared to turn hostile, and protected Teesta Setalvad was unseemly, strange, and completely out of order. He punished Zahira for the contempt of court with an unusual and unprecedented 1 year sentence just because she refused to change her final testimony in the Vadodara court in spite of pressures from her community, Teesta Setalvad, and even the Maharashtra court Judge Abhay Thipsay and public prosecutor Rohini Salian.

Since Pasayat was not censured for this, he carried on with his assigned task. A probe into his background will reveal the factors that turned him into a willing pawn in the hands of these conspirators. However, based on available information, one can also conclude that the then CJI, K. G. Balakrishnan, was the main point man and fixer of the Congress party in the Supreme Court. The fact that every Gujarat related PIL and appeal invariably went to Pasayat’s court is another circumstantial evidence of K.G.B’s complicity in the conspiracy and judicial fraud planned at the highest levels of the UPA government.

K. G. Balakrishnan, alleged to be the most corrupt and compromised CJI of all times, was ever ready to do favors to the Sonia regime. He was the one who had headed the SC bench that granted instant bail to Sanjay Dutt after the star was indicted in the Mumbai Bomb Blast case. The bail order had come soon after Priya Dutt met Sonia Gandhi in Delhi pleading for her brother’s release from the Yervada jail, threatening to quit the party if nothing was done about it. Within a few days of that meeting, an SC bench headed by K.G.B was created, and the judgment to grant bail to Dutt was promptly delivered. It was probably the first of the countless ‘exceptional judgments’ of the apex court that cannot be used as precedents by other courts. You will also be shocked to learn that almost 99% of the ‘exceptional’ judgments of the Apex Court are related to Gujarat and Modi.  

A highly motivated and allegedly ‘communal’ judge like Aftab Alam is carrying forward the legacy of repeatedly and unjustifiably targeting the BJP government in Gujarat and Narendra Modi over minor issues like encounter cases of gangsters. Never before in the history of India has the Supreme Court directly supervised an encounter case. Such involvement in sundry riot, encounter, and terrorism-related cases of Gujarat is designed to intimidate the police administration and the lower judiciary of the state into towing the line of the conspirators.  

There are reasons to believe that some of the Supreme Court judges may have been arm-twisted, lured, or coopted to deliver critical judgments that suited the conspirators. For instance, Supreme Court judges Tarun Chatterjee and Aftab Alam ordered a CBI probe into the Sohrabuddin encounter case. The judgment was delivered on the last day of Tarun Chatterjee’s tenure. He was the subject of a CBI probe himself over the infamous Provident Fund Scam in Ghaziabad. The CBI dropped his name from the charge sheet and he was appointed a mediator in the border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by the UPA II even before he demitted office.

The conspirators are further emboldened by the fact that the Delhi leadership of the BJP is clueless about how to respond to this challenge. Its pusillanimity is confounding. Led by armchair strategists, politicians, and mediagogues, it seems incapable of devising a bold strategy to expose the grand conspiracy. It is surprising that a leader like Arun Jaitley and BJP’s Rajya Sabha MPs like Ram Jethmalani could not see through the conspiracy when Pasayat transgressed his brief and intervened in the Gujarat Riot cases, setting precedents that no other sane judge in India was prepared to follow. This was the beginning of the ‘exceptional cases-exceptional judgment’ era and regime in Indian courts. Today, almost every court in India seems to take great pleasure in delivering these exceptional and irrational judgments, either dictated by the media or for other considerations that have nothing to do with available evidences in the case.

Pasayat also issued an unprecedented and legally untenable suo-moto order in an ugly hurry to investigate the role of Modi in the riots on his last working day in the Court, even in the absence of a plaint before him. This should have been good enough for the BJP leadership to create a nationwide ruckus and seek his impeachment, sending a warning to other judges that such mischievous and conspiratorial conduct would be publicly censured.

How can you respect a judge like Arijit Pasayat? He is one judge who has been thrown chappals at twice by aggrieved litigants in the Supreme Court. On another occasion, he was asked to recuse himself from a case since the litigant’s counsel (Shanti Bhushan) felt that Pasayat was compromised and corrupt. Where is he now? He heads the Competition Commission Appellate Tribunal, a cozy post-retirement posting, a gift for his yeomen services to the conspirators.

How can you respect a brazenly partisan Supreme Court judge like Aftab Alam who buys the fantastic argument of the CBI that the Shahabuddin encounter case should be transferred out of Gujarat since a fair trial is not possible in that state? If you go by such averment the 2G and CWG Scams should be tried in Ahmedabad since there cannot be a fair trial in such cases in the Congress run states. The CBI, an arm of the Central Government, should not have been conducting these investigations ipso facto. Aftab Alam has turned the basic principle of juriprudence on its head that postulates 'an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty'. He seems to have alreday convicted Amit Shah and is now looking for a pliable court that will complete the formalities.

By involving the highest judiciary in its grand conspiracy against Narendra Modi, the Congress Party and the secularists have set in motion a process that threatens to destroy the foundations of our judiciary and dent its integrity and credibility forever. However, when the process seems to affect the Delhi rulers, they don’t pull their punches. Surprisingly, the Supreme Court allows itself to be browbeaten in such cases to avoid serious constitutional crises.

It is the responsibility of the BJP leadership in Delhi, and enlightened citizens of the country to investigate and expose this deep rooted criminal conspiracy and fraud.

Democracy in India can survive in spite of Coalgate and 2G scams. However, the grand conspiracy against Gujarat and Modi strikes at the roots of our democratic polity and has already damaged it irreparably. If this UPA regime and the other conspirators get away with it, they will turn rogue. Signs of that are there for everyone to see. There is already an 'Emergency' like situation in our country and anyone who opposes the regime is blatantly targeted and hounded by its agencies.

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