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Rafale is cleanest ever defence deal in Indian history

GST, desi industrialists, trading communities, Narendra Modi, & 2019  

Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, & BJP must make bold quick-footed and quick-witted moves with courage and conviction to unite Hindu body politic and win the greatest electoral war in the history of India

Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what sin have Hindus and nationalists committed that you disregard their concerns and issues and cannot stand up and speak for them with confidence and conviction?

Narendra Modi & Amit Shah’s misreading of the 2014 verdict has brought us to this pass

Know your Rafale

An Open Letter to Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore about Film Bazaar & NFDC with copy to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

1946 vs. 2014 vs. 2019: Why should Nationalists unite once again, and go out and vote for BJP and its allies in 2019

The Mahabharata of 2019 - 1

The Mahabharata of 2019 – 2

Narendra Modi must seek 2019 mandate for taking on certain intractable bulls by horns

Appointment of the MD of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), an eye-opening case study that shows gross irregularities indulged in by MIB babus & Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT)

PM must sack Smriti Irani and Prasoon Joshi for ‘managing’ CBFC certification of Padmavat, a film that violates key CBFC guidelines  

‘Padmavat’ is a boring, referenced and stagy yawn; Bhansali slaps Hindus by portraying Khilji as a likeable ‘love jihadist’ & villain with best lines and scenes

Padmavati and my open letter to beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Minister I&B Smriti Irani, & CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi

Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, common Indians are totally disgusted with your government now

MAMI’s Mumbai Film Festival 2017 to open with Anurag Kashyap’s MUKKEBAAZ; competition & world cinema line up announced  

My Independence Day message to our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi

INDU SARKAR: It’s a ‘B’ grade mockery of the horrors of Emergency

A DEATH IN THE GUNJ Movie Review: Konkona Sen Sharma writes and directs a movie

SARKAR 3 Movie Review: The story of a stunted ‘chikoo’ tree

BAAHUBALI 2: THE CONCLUSION Movie Review: The grand revival of Indian storytelling

MUKTI BHAVAN Movie Review: An art house film that refrains from peddling India’s underbelly

POORNA Movie Review: This could have been a world-class biopic

NAAM SHABANA Movie Review: First half world class, second half third class

An appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi - Grass roots corruption is nullifying your development agenda; literally throwing down the drain thousands of crores of public funds collected by Arun Jaitly from ‘middle class’

The Indian Express, the rabid anti-BJP, anti-Modi newspaper, is 100% funded by BJP and Modi Government

RANGOON Movie Review: Is it subliminal mockery of Bose’s INA? 

KAABIL Movie Review: A dumb thriller by Bollywood’s pathological copycats

DANGAL Movie Review:  Competently made feel-good genre entertainer

Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, suspend and keep in abeyance IT Act Section 13 A from 9th November 2016 midnight to 31st March 2017 midnight

BEFIKRE Movie Review: Wasteful film faking

Sundance 2017 announces Premieres, Midnight, Spotlight, Kids, & Special Events line up

Rahul Jain’s documentary MACHINES in Sundance 2017 World Cinema Documentary Competition line up  

KAHAANI 2: DURGA RANI SINGH Movie Review: Carelessly developed, directed & poorly performed suspense thriller 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Here is the biggest ever revelation on black money; Khullamkhulla leaks on fountainheads of corruption

DEAR ZINDAGI Movie Review: What a f###ing boring, preachy & pretentious zindagi!

ROCK ON II Movie Review: Competently crafted and well shot genre drama

SHIVAAY Movie Review: You may enjoy this wholesale idiocy in a generous festive mood

SAAT UCHAKKEY Movie Review: A remarkable and promising debut

When it’s war, all of us must think like warriors: A message to Bollywood brigade

MIRZYA Movie Review: Unbearable balderdash of referenced visuals & cantankerous singing

Bravo Indian Army & our Prime Minister Narendra Modi but silence of Bollywood big wigs over Pakistan’s perfidy is baffling

MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY Movie Review: Anecdotal storytelling, engaging yet not exceptional 

Movie Reviews by Rajesh Kumar Singh
23rd September 2016

PINK: Anecdotal cinema of crude brazen Bollywood sloganeering

AKIRA Movie Review: Poorly written & directed

RUSTOM Movie Review: A competently crafted suspense story & courtroom drama

MOHENJO DARO Movie Review: Terribly plagiarized and horribly directed and enacted tale

How a tweet to Suresh Prabhu and Indian Railways helped 80-year-old Madhavi Singh

Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) is another den of parasites that should be done away with

Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) is redundant; shut it, save nation’s resources

Shutter Films Division, sell off its prime real estate, and subsidize onion & pulse cultivation and ‘gaushalas’ with the proceeds

When NFDC Managing Director sent a legal notice of ‘defamation’ to her own staff

Were I&B Secretary Bimal Julka, NFDC MD Nina Gupta and NFDC Board of Directors involved in the Electronic Media Advertisement (EMA) scam?

Why CBI must investigate the NFDC scam, arrest and prosecute those who aided and abetted nepotism and loot 

NFDC EXPOSE 3: How NFDC favored Sun TV, overpaid more than 60 lakhs to it

NFDC EXPOSE 2: How NFDC thwarted attempts to probe its financial wheeling-dealing

NFDC EXPOSE 1: The curtain rises on the story of venality, nepotism, and loot of public money

Where @NarendraModi fails, @SushmaSwaraj succeeds

PK Controversy: Does CBFC under Leela Samson nurse an anti-Hindu bias and its decisions are influenced by extraneous factors? 

HDFC Bank officials flout Modi's Jan Dhan Yojna rules, deny poor its benefits, create hurdles in opening accounts

Modi’s obsession with ‘federalism’ is eroding the authority of the PMO

An important background note for the Honorable Minister of I & B about the state of the film & TV industry and much-needed reforms

An open letter to Shri Prakash Javdekar about digitization and cable TV pricing 

What is Ex-SC Judge of dubious credentials Arijit Pasayat doing in SIT on black money?

Modi opponents hope to thwart him through money power and caste arithmetic but they are in for a shock

Sarai Mohana, Varanasi, experience: Modi tries to unite Indian polity in the Hindi heartland, his opponents work hard at dividing it. 

1946 vs. 2014: Why should Nationalists unite, and go out and vote for BJP and its allies

If the Bollywood's 'Gang of Sixty' cares for secularism, it should vote for Modi…



An open letter to Aamir Khan on his ‘fatwa’ to have an unstable Government in Delhi

Ten best patriotic songs

My Personal Experience of Interaction with Modi Dr. Vathsala Mani

When a few years hence the toddlers of today will enter Ram and Ramleela in the Google search engine, they will discover Ram was a debauch and a drunkard who had multiple sexual partners

Nitish Kumar, Sibal, and Javed Akhtar kind are attacking Modi with blatant lies and misinformation

Mumbai Film Festival: Khullamkhulla Guide

Had Sanjay Leela Bhansali abused prophet Mohammed and Quran, like what he has done to Ram and 'Ramleela', Islamists would have beheaded him