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Albatrosses around BJP neck: Karnataka debacle and Advani’s self-obsessive blogging

I have never seen a more pathetic self-obsessed politician than him. I tend to agree on one issue with the Congress party minions who make fun of him for his obsessiveness about becoming the Prime Minister of India. They are right. He wants it badly. If he passes away without having achieved this goal, his soul will continue to wander and haunt and pester every Indian Prime Minister.  He does not want to accept the reality that he has nothing to offer to the nation or to his party. Yet he won’t give up the pursuit of his personal ambition. He is quick to discover arguments and reasons to defend his follies and incompetence. Since he is not capable of original thinking, he picks up his points from sundry media debates. He writes blogs to advance hollow alibis. He does not even have the courage to invite a debate and discussion over what he says in those blogs. He knows his obviously self-serving theories and surmises are just the baloney of a jaded mind. 

If L. K. Advani still believes in his foolhardy conclusion that the BJP lost Karnataka because of Yeddyurappa’s corruption, he is either trying to cover up for his misjudgment and follies, or he is an ostrich. He is certainly not a sagacious person he would like us to believe he is by writing his self-obsessed blogs full of stale useless ideas, prophesies, and nana-nani tales. The fact is that the BJP lost Karnataka because of Advani and the way the BJP’s Delhi leadership, solely guided by him, backstabbed and betrayed a grass roots leader when he needed them to stand by him. 

L.K. Advani, Sushma Swaraj, and Rajnath Singh kind of so-called ‘national leaders’ of the BJP are the real albatrosses around BJP’s neck who have been draining the vitality of various Sangh Parivar organizations, disheartening the BJP cadre, and driving the cohorts of cultural nationalism to extreme despair and distress. They have been weakening the foundations of the organization with their rank incompetence, ingratitude, and ‘high-command’ style media-driven, self-serving politics. They are not even inspiring or guiding figures. If this is not enough, the Congress party has time and again outmaneuvered them politically.

They don’t care for their regional leaders and grass roots workers and have been merely using them to serve their narrow personal ambitions. Their lack of a coherent vision for the nation and their party is so palpably evident. And the worst they do is to leave their workers and leaders undefended when hounded by the Central Government, its various agencies and a judiciary that continues to play footsie with the ruling establishment. It will be a big strategic error to presume that the Supreme Court judges are acting without prejudices and biases. They are not. They have been strategically protecting the corrupt and self-serving UPA government from serious embarrassment and there is a need for an investigation to establish the nexus between the Apex Court judges and the top leadership of the Congress party. It was the job of the BJP’s Delhi leaders to expose this nexus, yet they failed to do so since it did not serve their personal cause.

The national leaders of BJP don’t have the stomach for a tough fight. They suffer from the Vajpayee syndrome. Stay away from controversies, carefully nurture a positive media image, and keep a tab on Delhi’s power politics and you have a better chance to become the PM. They betray and disown their men in times of crisis to protect their media image. That’s how weak is their character and they are called ‘national leaders’. A true leader does not look after his own back; he protects his people by sacrificing himself.

The Delhi sultanate of BJP led by L.K. Advani is directly responsible for the debacle in Karnataka. While the regional warriors of the BJP were fighting the wily Congress government and its bloodhounds in the media, judiciary, and CBI, Advani, instead of defending his men with all his might, abandoned them. He did to Yeddyurappa what Vajpayee had done to Kalyan Singh. Vajpayee destroyed the BJP in UP, Advani and his cabal have done the same in Karnataka.

When Yeddyurappa came running to Delhi to explain to Advani the falsehood in Justice Santosh Hegde’s report, the ‘tallest’ leader did not have the time and patience to see him. He should have at least read the report before drawing his conclusions. He didn’t since his mind was made up. He did not want to know that the self-styled, anti-corruption crusader Justice Santosh Hegde acted dishonestly and craftily. Hegde knew there was no real evidence against Yeddyurappa of any wrongdoing in illegal mining cases, yet he deliberately resorted to conjectures in his dubious report to implicate the Chief Minister of the state.

He did not care for the truth; he wanted Yeddyurappa’s head. Hegde obviously acted in a partisan way when he chose to bypass the state government and delivered his report first to the media and immediately afterwards to Governor Bhardwaj, a known Congress stooge. Bhardwaj, without even reading the finer details of the report or even consulting the new Chief Minister, sanctioned Yeddyurappa’s prosecution, brazenly usurping the powers of the state government. His act called for vociferous and bitter street protests and legal action by the Delhi and Karnataka BJP leaders but they chose to keep mum.

It was Advani who sacrificed Yeddyurappa to endear himself to anti-corruption crusaders. He was ‘foreseeing’ the collapse of the UPA government and was in a brazen ugly hurry to become the PM. Yeddyurappa’s was a small sacrifice for the larger cause to bolster his personal image and capture the nation’s imagination as the most upright and honest politician in the country. He acted foolishly blinded by his ambition. He betrayed his lack of understanding of the ground situation and his inability to read the clear writing on the wall. He also fell prey to the devious designs of the anti-BJP mediagogues who wanted the first BJP government in the southern belt to fall. Yeddyurappa’s departure was the key to their strategy. 

Even the grand fiasco of his anti-corruption Rathyatra did not teach Advani any lessons. He remains unaware of the fact that people have seen through him and he has lost all his credibility. So long as he represented the voice of the people, he was acceptable. He does not represent them any more. They don’t want to listen to his self-aggrandizing speeches. He disgusts them. And the loss in Karnataka due to the alienation of Yeddyurappa from the BJP and the obvious attempts of the Delhi cabal led by Advani to undermine Modi have further added to their disdain, disgust, and despair.

Hegde’s dubious report created a crack in the door for the Congress hounds to go for a kill and they did it with great alacrity. Advani and the rest of the Delhi leaders watched from the periphery the humiliation of a leader who had worked so hard for the party, and helped create its base in Karnataka. He should have been defended strongly; the lies, wrong suppositions, assumptions, and wild, baseless, deliberate, and wily conjecturing of Hegde and the media should have been exposed by the Delhi sultanate of BJP.

The best persons to do that were Advani, Sushma, Jaitley, and Gadkari. They chose to look the other way. Gadkari got a taste of the same medicine later when he was left alone to be chewed by the Congress party, Kejariwal, and the media. None came to his defense, none stood by him and the Delhi leaders conveniently shirked their responsibility and shielded their cowardice behind arguments like ‘the law will take its own course’.

Look at Sushma Swaraj who was quick to disown the Reddy Brothers to keep her image intact. She cannot win a parliamentary election on her own anywhere in India. It was the Reddy Brothers who helped her win in Bellary. The Congress went after them. It used a pliant judiciary in Andhra Pradesh and the CBI to get to them through the back door in a carefully planned and executed war of attrition. Swaraj watched all this and did not have the guts, gumption, and political acumen to expose the devious politics of the Congress. She was so worried about her image that even a small hint in the media about her association with the Reddy Brothers would make her jump with alarm and begin the blame game.

Advani and Swaraj allowed the Congress to hound, humiliate, and destroy their men. It was a reprehensible and immoral betrayal and a sin. The political opponents of Yeddyurappa were prompted and encouraged by the Delhi leadership to keep him at a distance, and not to defend him in any way.  Leaders like Ananth Kumar who hanged on to the coat tails of Advani in Delhi, contributed to this process. They actually aided the Congress party by allowing it to humiliate their tallest leader in the state. 

These leaders were so wrong in believing that they were covering themselves in glory. They have become pathetic. I dare Advani, Swaraj, and Rajnath Singh to hold a public meeting on their own at Jantar Mantar. They will know then how popular they are. They campaigned in Karnataka. How many voters could they persuade to vote for a BJP sans Yeddyurappa? Forget about the people, they could not even enthuse the BJP and the RSS cadre.  They have so much faith in the media and its capacity to project their clean image, yet they were totally ignored by it. Ananth Kumar, who led the anti-Yeddyurappa camp in Karnataka BJP, cannot even win his parliamentary seat in Bangalore. He cut such a sorry figure in the Modi’s election meeting in Bangalore. None wanted to listen to his lackluster and boring speech.

They are acting foolishly even after the Karnataka's humiliating loss. All the talk about what happened to Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharati after they left the BJP is so strange. They are heaping insults on these leaders, who are back in the BJP fold, by saying these things. They are demeaning those who are expected to lead the BJP charge in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections. How disheartening can it be for them?

And what is Rajnath Singh doing to revive his party and improve its electoral prospects in the UP battleground beyond looking for a safe seat for himself? The best he could do was to present Varun Gandhi as the new BJP mascot who suddenly started seeing shades of Vajpayee in his party chief. Rajnath Singh must have been pleased that his protégé had added his name in the nomination race for the BJP’s PM candidate. Is this the end-all and be-all of his UP game plan? Where is his grand strategy to reclaim lost ground in the land of Ram and Krishna? Nowhere. Even if he nurses the ambition to become the PM, he should at least work hard for it. He cannot do that. He is a Delhi parasite who lives off the hard work of others.

The ‘national leaders’of the BJP should either reform themselves or they must be thrown out. Advani, Sushma, and Rajnath and every other party leaders including Modi should be clearly told to work at bringing back those who have been alienated from the party and create a formidable electoral phalanx to defeat the UPA. Rajnath and Sushma should be advised not to dream of sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair. They have yet to develop the competence and the vision to lead the nation. Their harmless and pitiable demagoguery does not qualify them for the job. They are like unimaginative ‘kolhu ke bail’ who keep moving in the same disgusting rut life long.

And Advani must personally apologize to Yeddyurappa to atone for his sin of abandoning him when he needed his help. Advani should also be told to retire from active politics and confine himself to mentoring the younger generation of BJP leaders. If he still continues with his back door ‘politicking’ by using subterfuges like personal blogs, he should be chucked out of the Party.

Rajesh Kumar Singh