Rafale is cleanest ever defense deal in Indian history


Here is the why and how of it.


Those who have been following up on the Rafale story may recall that the whole controversy erupted post the story of Mediapart. The dubious French news portal, which claimed that the ex-French President François Hollande, in an interview over a ‘conflict of interest’ charge in Rafale’s French-Indian Inter Government Agreement, had admitted that Reliance was transposed into the deal by India as an offset partner.



The interview was neither recorded nor did Hollande ever acknowledge it. He actually had flatly denied what Mediapart had reported, so did the present French President Macron.


The crux of the Mediapart story was that Phantom, a film production company, in which Reliance Entertainment of Anil Ambani was a minority shareholder, funded Tout là-haut, the film co-produced by the then French President Hollande’s second, and younger, girl friend, Julie Gayet, a French actress. The story claimed that the film was under production in 2016. That’s where the dirty plot to somehow connect the Modi Government with it was hatched.


The film was co-produced by Phantom and if there was a quid-pro-quo involved, its process was set in motion in 2013, when Hollande’s government conferred a French honour on Anurag Kashyap in the Indo-French party to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema at the 66th Cannes Film Festival where Julie Gayet’s presence was a hot topic. It had nothing to do with Modi. By that fact, Anil Ambani had access to Hollande even before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India.


What more, the Ambanis don’t need NaMo to get introduced to an Industrial group anywhere in the world.


They know all the ways and means to gain access to the head honchos of the top-notch corporates. They are the numero-uno industrial house of India after all and the best and well-connected business partners a western business group can have in India.


However, it’s quite possible that Hollande did them a return favour by putting in a word with Dassault to have them included in the list of probbale offset partners. Dassault knew of the Ambanis even otherwise. This is normal and acceptable business practice around the globe, to do a little favour here and there to clinch business deals.


I also have inkling that the ‘offset partnership’ clauses were designed by UPA2 as a conduit for the dynasty to make money. It has always had its cut in every defence purchase made by India. That’s why Mukesh Ambani floated Reliance Aerospace Technologies Ltd. that was in talks with Dassault during UPA 2 era when Rafale negotiations were still on. Who got him on to this if not the dynasty.  It’s reported that one of Sam Pitroda’s outfits is an ‘offset partner’ of Dassault as well.


The Ambanis and every other Industrial house in India know the standard operating procedure (SPO) of the Nehru-Gandhi-Maino dynasty very well. They know that it must get its cut in every deal facilitated by it. 


What did Narendra Modi do?  


The Indian Air Force needed the fighters. He asked what was their immediate need and was told that a minimum of two squadrons were needed. He just carried forward the process set in motion by UPA, sought the help of the French Govt., followed the due and well-established procedures of pricing negotiations and procurement, and got the fighters IAF needed desperately to shore up its capabilities vis-à-vis the threats posed by the Chinese and Pakistani acquisitions. He also ensured that the price of these aircrafts, the basic as well as the fully loaded ones, is significantly lower than what UPA 2 had negotiated. Now, why do I say this so definitively?


Here is why of it.


CJI Gogoi’s unprecedented intervention was designed to trap Modi somehow but absolutely transparent Rafale deal had left no room for him to hang his devious agenda on


Ranjan Gogoi and his fellow judges in SC, including SK Kaul and rabid Modi hater K.M. Joseph (now retired), left no stone unturned to trap Modi. They were working in cahoots with the likes of Prashant Bhushan and other Congress stooges and diligently doing the bidding of the dynasty. This was evident in the way they unconscionably insisted that the Government of India gave them the pricing details as well in a sealed cover. Perhaps they were expecting that GOI would refuse to do so. In fact initially the Attorney General KK Venugopal did resist the unprecedented and uncalled for demand, a direct interference of SC into the exclusive domain of the executive.


Narendra Modi’s masterstroke saved the day for him when GOI readily provided the pricing details in sealed cover


Many of us were upset over the blatant partisan approach of Gogoi and his fellow judges hearing the Rafale PIL. We were first shocked and then angry that GOI agreed to the demands of judges. However, the latter developments proved that it was a smart strategic move by NaMo to checkmate the cabal out to fix him somehow. The sealed cover foiled the grand conspiracy. NaMo had left no room for their opponents to manoeuvre.

The judges had to ‘kill’ their conscience to implicate him after that. The main clincher was that the final negotiated price was far lower (9% lower for the basic aircraft and 20% lower for the fully loaded one) than what UPA2 had negotiated. It was a ‘scam-proof’ deal. Every process was followed transparently and the role of PMO was limited to Inter-Government Agreement (IGA). The deal was signed on far better terms and conditions favouring India than what was envisaged in the UPA2 deal.

‘Rafale’ sets the ‘gold’ standard of transparency and integrity in defence purchases; it’s the first major defence purchase made by a non-Congress government in the history of India


Post Rafale, it’s going to be really tough for corrupt governments in future to indulge in hanky-panky in major defence purchases. It has set such high benchmarks of transparency that even adversarial anti-Modi SC judges like Ranjan Gogoi and K.M. Joseph could not pick a hole in it. A new precedent has been set. Every defence deal can now be open to judicial scrutiny and why just defence, every GOI purchase can be questioned in the court of law. The anti-corruption activists can have a field day now and bureaucrats and politicians should be on their toes. It has set what Arun Jaitly terms as the Modi Standard of Transparency & Integrity (MSTI), the 24 carat gold benchmark.


Rafale, as far as my knowledge goes, is the first major defence purchase made by a non-Congress government in the history of India. We know of the so-called ‘Coffin’ Scam fabricated by the Sonia cabal during the Vajpayee regime. The dynasty knows the in and out of defence purchases and nurtures an eco-system of bureaucrats, retired army personnel, defence experts, and every known fixer, agent, and middleman in this field. ‘Rafale deal’ has left the eco-system high and dry. It’s a matter of their survival and thus their anxiety is natural and real.


Creating an indigenous manufacturing infrastructure through global partnership is a deathblow to the eco-system of the corrupt


That’s what Modi’s ‘Make in India’ policy aims at. It will begin to pay off in near future. When you have Indian engineering giants, both in public and private sector, and industrialists capable of putting up huge turn-key manufacturing projects, jointly involved in defence manufacturing, that will be a death knell for the eco-system of ‘commission agents’, ‘middlemen’ and ‘fixers’ diligently nurtured by the dynasty. Who are they? They are nobodies and contribute nothing to India’s GDP yet stay at the top of the pyramid and rule our destinies.


These freeloading crooks, parasites and dynastic Pappus, all part of the Lutyen’s zone cesspool, create nothing, do nothing, and contribute nothing. They look down upon us, the hard-working Indians, as their slaves, and live off us. They use their power of the media to control our thought processes and fool us with their blatant lies broadcast repeatedly and widely. 


Narendra Modi for them is an abhorrent, and uncouth bête noire, the thorn in their butt that must be taken out by hook or crook. He threatens their decadent and sleazy lifestyle.

Narendra Modi has so far proved the point that if your intentions are honest and you work diligently for the people, nothing can bring you down


That’s the case so far. Narendra Modi has survived in spite of taking tough calls like GST, Demonetisation and even a defence deal like Rafale because his intentions were right and he was willing to take the political risks. He was not doing anything for his cronies and himself. That’s why in spite of facing a multi-pronged and extremely bitter war of attrition and onslaught from his powerful opponents, he has survived and still enjoys the goodwill of people.


He has even survived the rank partisan and hostile judiciary by God’s grace. I hope and pray he survives the 2019 elections when the crooks in the media will be leading the charge against him.

And trust me the 2019 war is between the honest and hard-working people of this nation and the crooks and parasites, the albatrosses around the nation’s neck.

I hope nationalists among Muslims and Christians disregard the call of Chrislamist war-mongers and alarmists and stand by and with a leader who has dared to take on the internal and external enemies of our great nation without fear or favour.

Rajesh Kumar Singh