The Mahabharata of 2019 – Part 4


Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what sin have Hindus and nationalists committed that you disregard their concerns and issues and cannot stand up and speak for them with confidence and conviction?


Is it a case of ‘Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar’? The four and half years of Modi regime have been worse for Hindus. They have been pilloried from all sides by courts, bureaucracy, Chrislamists, Commies, cow killers, cattle thieves, evangelists, Bollywood bimbos & filmfakers, government agencies, ministries, and the media.


Their saviour, the Hindu Lion of Gujarat, has responded with absolute silence over every issue.


However, nothing has refrained him from taking credit of what others have been doing for the Hindu cause. SC started the process of hearing the Ram Janmbhoomi case not because of Narendra Modi, R.S. Prasad or BJP. Subramanyam Swami’s appeal led to it and the duplicity of Kapil Sibbal and Congress was exposed. In NH case, Pappu and his mother are not on bail thanks to NaMo or Arun Jaitly and his government. However, in all his election speeches during 2018 NaMo kept referring to it. 

Hindu activists, RSS and BJP workers are harassed, jailed, and murdered in non-BJP states and the Prime Minister, who has plenty of time to remember and tweet b’day greetings to his colleagues and attend celebrity dos like the wedding of Priyanka Chopra, cannot express his anguish over the brutal killings of his own workers in Kerala, Karnataka, and West Bengal. His eloquent response is complete silence.

When the Sabarimala judgment came out Hindus in the west and south India were extremely agitated over it. The tyrannical Pinarayi government in Kerala unleashed brutal force on Ayyappa devotees, arresting them in thousands, harassing and torturing them in spite of court orders. It was worse than what happened during Emergency. NaMo maintained total silence yet again.


On their home turf Gujarat, out of the blue, upstarts initiate mass agitations. The Modi-Shah duo let it fester into a serious issue instead of dealing with them socially, and politically with alacrity and a sense of alarm and urgency. They either didn’t have their ears to the ground or considered it an insignificant political development. They nearly lost Gujarat in the process.

The Hindu icon didn’t care to ensure that fissures in the Hindu body politic of Gujarat were mended through constant dialogues and the divisive game of the dynasty and Chrislamists was defeated. Did they really believe that politics of development would override everything else?

Look at the irony. When NaMo realises he is losing the game, he invariably returns to Hindu polarisation strategy but a bit late. He reverted to the Hindu agenda, and began talking of ‘Aurangzeb’ and ‘Ram Janm Bhoomi’ to salvage his party’s fortunes in the middle of the election campaign in Gujarat. We noticed this in Bihar as well, this mid-campaign change of tune, when he began talking about how JDU and Lalu wanted reservations for Muslims.

It means NaMo, Amit Shah, and BJP know that Hindu unity is at the core of their political survival. Yet they do precious little to defend, strengthen and consolidate it or to fend off relentless attempts to destroy it by the clearly identified ‘breaking India forces’.


The strategy of Modi opponents including Chrislamists is so obvious. They want to divide Hindus in every possible way, exploiting the age-old fissures in our polity. That’s the only way BJP and RSS can be defeated. It’s an open war of attrition NaMo and Shah refuse to acknowledge and engage in. Why? What do you do to wake up those who dream with open eyes?

In Karnataka too, Modi & Shah allowed the Lingayat issue to fester instead of developing a cogent and credible response to it. They keep mum over the RTE Act and how it has been affecting Hindu institutions. Are they too blind to see that it’s the RTE act that is forcing Hindu sects to seek minority status.


The slow-on-the-uptake BJP leaders cannot devise a quick-footed strategic response to put all Hindu sects and sub-sects and upper caste groups at par with minorities and thus entitling them the rights to run their affairs smoothly without govt. interference. Why cannot they think strategically?


Why don’t they want to be identified with Hindu issues? Are the concerns of Hindus not legitimate in their eyes? Are Hindus second-rate citizens that an attack on their traditions, customs, lifestyle, and person does not warrant a response from the state and those at its helm?

Why is it that every issue of Hindu concern has to be kept on the backburner - because Narendra Modi has to project a pacifist Gandhian image of himself?  Why should the matter of Ram Temple in Ayodhya be left to courts? Why cannot the govt. actively and urgently pursue all possible means to begin construction of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya with confidence and conviction? Why should it not do everything within its means to settle KPs? Just because it’s a matter concerning Hindus and they are so amorphous that they cannot be considered a legitimate vote bank like SCs and STs?


Why must Hindus pay such price for keeping Narendra Modi in the seat of power if he is so ashamed of boldly identifying with Hindu issues and causes? Have you seen pictures of him meeting Hindu leaders? He does not even show warm bonhomie with them as if trying to send a message that look I’m just meeting them for the sake of formality.

Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee didn’t exhibit such apathy to Hindus. He defended them when the occasion arose with the power of his oratory. Even as the Prime Minister of India he didn’t fight shy of declaring in the Parliament that the secularism and democracy of India survives because of Hindus. He didn’t care if he would be branded a Hindu nationalist.


Is that not the reality? Is it not a fact that Hindu majority is the lone guarantee of the geo-political integrity of India?


Not just that, it’s the only guarantee of the development of India as a prosperous, powerful, and peaceful nation.  

So those who weaken the Hindu body politic, be they Commies, Congis or Chrislamists, they are essentially trying to break India and thus are enemies of our nation. Why cannot NaMo accept this stark reality and use his guile, political acumen, and the might of his government to deal a crushing defeat to them with bold moves, and smart pro-active political strategizing driven by nationalist zeal and convictions?


Who are you quoting development indices it to - the bigots who are plotting and planning to ensure your rout in 2019? They neither care for your smart graphics nor for M.A. Naqvi’s doles, triple talaaq ordinance, bijali, sadak, paani, toilets, houses, roads, health insurance, anti-corruption measures, etc.


They are voting en-bloc and strategically to defeat you. The Islamists have thrown an open challenge to you. They mock at your stupid ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikaas’ rhetoric. They take what you give as their right and yet look at you with scorn and contempt reserved for lowlife ‘dhimmies’.  


Rajesh Kumar Singh

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