The Mahabharata of 2019 – 5


Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, & BJP must make bold quick-footed and quick-witted moves with courage and conviction to unite Hindu body politic and win the greatest electoral war in the history of India


It’s a war that will define the survival of India as a strong, confident, and prosperous nation. I don’t agree with ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who, while predicting NaMo’s return in a recently held media conclave, stated that whosoever comes to power in 2019 it won’t affect the economic climate. He is wrong. It’s a make or break war for our beloved nation and polity.     


The battle lines have never been more neatly drawn and defined. Clearly identifiable Modi opponents have already issued their war cries. They have not pulled any punches. The Church, the Islamists, the Maoists, the left-liberal gang, the corrupt, the casteists, the Congress party, the Communists, the Sonia stooges in judiciary and bureaucracy, and a variety of 'Breaking India' elements, from Khalistanis to ISI agents, have closed ranks. They are working in tandem and with a sense of bitter vengeance and purpose.

And they want to win the war by hook or crook. They are thinking on their toes while slow-on-uptake Modi, Amit Shah, BJP, and RSS are behaving like fossilised monoliths responding to challenges with routine responses without realising that their time is running out faster than what they may presume.

Their opponents are not discussing ‘development indices’ and ‘colourful graphs’. Each one of their moves is unabashedly aimed at dividing the Hindu body politic. The freebies they promise in their election manifestos are not to lure the highly motivated Muslim and Christian bigots instigated and driven by mullahas, maulanas, pastors, and bishops. They will anyway vote en-mass for political parties that can defeat BJP. They don’t care if the nation’s economy is ruined and its survival jeopardised. They will do anything to befool Hindus and stop their polarisation and it’s no more a HIDDEN agenda.

I will not be surprised if, with due approval of the Islamists, the Axis of Evil puts the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya at the top of their manifesto to defeat BJP. The students of history should recall what Jinnah did in 1946-47. He gave an open offer to Hindu rajas to join Pakistan and retain their autonomy. As I said, no punches will be pulled, and it will be a no holds barred war.  They know once Modi/BJP/RSS are out of their way, they can manage the rest.

Let me quote from the first article in this series:-

“It’s not a war for the pacifists, the weak hearted, the principled and the slow-witted vanprasthis. It’s not a war to proclaim and praise Yudhisthir’s self-righteousness. It’s Krishna’s war to re-establish ‘dharma’ and save the nation.”


NaMo, Amit Shah, and BJP have their task cut out too. Let me quote another excerpt from the second article in the Kurukshetra series.


“What do people want NaMo to do?

They want him to pursue his development agenda yet deal with Islamists and other breaking India forces and those who are encouraging and nurturing them with a firm hand. They want BJP and him to be aware of the shenanigans of the Axis to break Hindu unity and do everything that’s possible to unite Hindus under whatever pretext it can be done. If it calls for freeing Hindu temples and schools from govt. control and putting them at par with minority run institutions with all attendant benefits thereof, NaMo should do it through an ordinance or by enacting laws. He must address all pending Hindu concerns with great alacrity and courage of conviction including the construction of Ram Janmbhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.”     


NaMo and Amit Shah must have ‘bottom-up’ communication with people and their cadre and here is what they must do.  


Communicate and co-ordinate better, particularly with your disgruntled core voters, supporters, and dissenters and get them on board. Talk to them, initiate the dialogue process without losing time, listen to them very carefully and placate and involve them. As you need every vote to win, you also need each of your core constituencies to back you to the hilt. This has to be done on war footing and with a lot of humility.  The key constituencies they should begin talking to and addressing their grievances are -

Make the following announcements without any qualms and trepidation with regard to BJP’s core Hindu agenda and initiate and complete the administrative/legislative process, all within a month even if it calls for 24x7 work in the law ministry. 

Interestingly, the Breaking India Brigade fears that Modi, BJP, and RSS will do exactly this and they keep praying it never happens.


Let their fears come true for a change.

Make these bold and decisive strategic moves with absolute aplomb and conviction that there are no anomalies between the Hindu and national cause, they are one and the same. The secularist and democratic polity of India can only be safeguarded by promoting its civilizational values that respect our societal diversity and recognise the unity inherent in it.  Say it boldly that anyone who opposes these moves is a traitor to the nation and an enemy of its geo-political and social integrity.

Make it clear that BJP will no more put its hard-core nationalist agenda on the back burner and will implement it unabashedly and decisively without qualms.

If your opponents have drawn their battle-lines by issuing fatwas and edicts and have been stealthily voting strategically to defeat you at any cost, it’s time you redraw those battle-lines and make them fight the war on your terms. These moves will expose their hypocrisy and evil designs and treachery. It will shake the ground under their feet.

And remember, you will not be doing it for the first time. When the devious secularists had created a conflagration over Mandal, you had used Kamandal to douse it and had saved the Hindu body politic from disintegration and fratricidal annihilation.

Respond with bold alacrity to the 90% stratagem with your 100% challenge. Think like a warrior, shake away your cowardice, move and roar like a mighty and alert lion, throw down the gauntlet, remove all doubts, blow the conch, pick up the Gandiv, and shoot your arrows without fear and favour. Modi Ji, you must win this ‘Kurukshetra’ war, for our nation and its people.



Rajesh Kumar Singh

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