DEAR ZINDAGI Movie Review: What a f###ing boring, preachy & pretentious zindagi!


This is called the dumping of the long collected stinking rotting feminist/ liberal garbage and cow-shit on the head of an audience that came looking for the mood-elevating smell of lavender and Champa flowers. Gauri Khan & Gauri Shinde in association with Karan Johar indulge in shouting slogans, dispensing rather fake & clichéd  ‘philosophical’ gems and juvenile ‘gyan’ about almost every issue close to their heart from homosexuality to women emancipation. They also continue their love fest with Paki artistes.

When your brain is crammed with all kinds of personal and social agendas and you self-appoint yourself in the role of a feminist crusader, the first thing you crucify is your artistic sense and sensibility. That includes the capacity to remain a dispassionate observer of your own work. You turn blind and stupid. I have observed that more often than not women filmmakers suffer from such debility. The pressure of serving the feminist cause takes a heavy toll of their filmmaking genius.

DEAR ZINDAGI hardly has anything substantial to offer as a story. Kaira (Alia Bhatt) is a budding cinematographer. She sleeps with countless men of her choice. She has major issues staying in a relationship. When she gets really interested in a man called Raghuvendra, a film producer, he for some reason decides to go back to his ex. She moves to Goa to deal with her melancholia. She also has issues with her parents as she thinks they don’t know her well enough. She has a gang of friends and co-workers who provide her some kind of emotional anchor. She accidentally comes across Dr. Jehangir Khan a.k.a Jug (Shah Rukh Khan), a psychoanalyst, in Goa. She begins to undergo therapy sessions to know why cannot she be in a permanent relationship. The ‘mahagyani’ and super resourceful Jug turns out to be her best friend, guru, and philosopher. He helps her discover the root of her problems, and exorcises her of a long persisting childhood angst that has been screwing up her present. He also straightens the kinks of her socio-psychological mental frame while playing kabaddi with sea waves on some extraordinarily clean looking Goa beach. In short he helps her sort herself out. That’s it.

Every word spoken by Shahrukh Khan in his inimitable or much imitated stammer is a quotable quote, which can be quite overwhelmingly insufferable for any cinema audience. And Ms. Alia is her usual so predictably unpredictable self, a sexually emancipated character forever ridden with some inexplicable angst and all kinds of doubts. The writer-director brings in other peripheral characters to heavily underline her pseudo-liberal socio-cultural, sexual, and feminist agenda. She shows particular interest in promoting homosexuality as mainstream, just stops short of raising the placard of repealing Section 377 of IPC, a law created to prevent the exploitation of little boys for sodomy. It's used as a red herring by homosexuality activists to justify their baseless activism. Is anyone in India actually bothered about fucking choices of people? 

So, you are relentlessly assailed by all kinds of politically correct idiotic non-contextual copycat left-liberal slogans, parent bashing, SRK’s quotable quotes, interspersed with occasional hysteria of Ms. Alia without actually getting the point of it all. If that’s not enough you have bugging monotonous songs, and a background score with themes imported straight from China and supplanted on the native Goan soil.

The writer director makes an extreme and bold feminist statement as well. Men are like chairs, kursis, and a woman must go to the furniture shop; try a variety of chairs before settling for the one that suits her the best. If it sounds like dildo shopping, blame it on Gauri Shinde, the writer and director of the film.

It would have helped the box office prospects of the film if, instead of talking about sex with multiple partners, the female protagonist had indulged in some sizzling bedroom action too. The feminism of the writer director seems to have its Victorian boundaries. Or was she trying not to be exploitative of her actress and thus dwell only on the romance bit? Romance without sex? WTFIT?

The extremely boring film is well shot. The music is terrible and adds to the boredom.


Directed by Gauri Shinde, Produced by Gauri Khan, Karan Johar, Gauri Shinde,Written by Gauri Shinde, Screenplay by Gauri Shinde, Starring Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Music by Amit Trivedi, Cinematography by Laxman Utekar, Edited by Hemanti Sarkar, Produced by Dharma Productions, Red Chillies Entertainment, Hope Productions, Distributed by Red Chillies Entertainment

Rajesh Kumar Singh

@khulkebolo @neelnabh


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