Bravo Indian Army & our Prime Minister Narendra Modi but silence of Bollywood big wigs over Pakistan’s perfidy is baffling

Grand salute to our Armed forces and brave soldiers and the popular Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. The raids and surgical strikes across the LOC and inside the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and destruction of terror launch pads by our special forces has brought joy to every Indian. The dastardly Pak sponsored terror attack in Uri and the martyrdom of 18 Indian Army jawans had made us angry and sad at the same time. The well-coordinated and unprecedented multi-pronged action of the Government of India (GOI) and the Indian Army has come as a morale booster for the whole nation. It demonstrates our resolve as a nation to fight our enemies who try to undermine our geo-political integrity by indulging in a dirty war of attrition.

The nightingale of India, Dada Saheb Phalke award winner, and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar tweeted, ‘ Namaskar. Mujhe garv hai hamare veer jawano pe, hamare pradhan matri ji aur raksha mantri ji pe. Jai Hind !Vande Mataram!’ Someone like Ratan Tata said that he was proud of India for boycotting SAARC and openly supported the firm actions of the Prime Minister. This sums up the mood of the nation. Later we got the news that IMPPA and its members passed a resolution in their Annual General Meeting to ban Pakistani artistes. The Zee Network also decided to discontinue Pak produced programmes. Kudos and congratulations to them for taking these courageous steps even if it may cost them dearly. It’s true that art knows no boundaries but the nation’s honour comes first before everything else. Men and women without the sense of national honour and self-respect are like vermin. Machharon, makhiyon, aur keede-makodon ke liye bhi desh aur rashtra ki koi seema nahin hoti.

We have seen some strange statements coming from the celebrities and big wigs of Bollywood post Uri incident amidst the rising public clamour for banning Pakistani artistes. Some well-known stars and filmmakers of Bollywood have suggested that GOI should decide the issue of banning Pakistani stars. That’s a strange and shameful stance. They make it look as if GOI is different from the people of India. Such people obviously have no self-respect and sense of national honour. They don’t seem to feel the pain of our nation. One must add here that the Pakistani artistes have far more self-respect than much celebrated and successful Bollywood celebrities who kept mum over dastardly Uri attack instead of condemning it unequivocally and vociferously.

Those who never miss an opportunity to express their opinion to the media on all kinds of issues chose to stay silent on Uri. It was baffling. We get a sense that the nation cannot rely on them in its hours of crisis. Pakistan has vowed to wage a war of a thousand cuts against India and break and destroy us. In spite of this, the so-called Bollywood ‘artistes without boundaries’ prefer to remain silent while Pak sponsored terrorists kill our soldiers and citizens. Some of them also make films that subliminally sympathise with the cause of our enemies.

The people of our nation obviously have reasons to doubt the patriotism of this lot. If you cannot condemn the killing of our soldiers and mourn such irreparable loss, why do you think the nation should trust you? And why should Pakistani artistes be working in India while refusing to condemn the killers of our jawans? Why are Indian filmmakers bent upon creating mass-culture icons out of them? Is it because they think it will help them make more moolah in Pakistani territory? Is money more important to them than self-respect and national honour? Are Indian film stars, filmmakers and Bollywood celebrities no better than the transvestites who will dance and sing at any door for money?

The people of India have begun to mark the presumably liberal Bollywood big wigs for their perceived treachery. They are disgusted by their continuing ambivalence and sympathy towards elements that are inimical to our national interests. It’s time for Bollywood to understand the mood of our nation and act wisely. All Bollywood celebrities survive, prosper, and earn their name and fame thanks to the goodwill of the Indian nation and people. If that’s lost, they will be left with nothing but ignominy of having betrayed their nation when it needed them the most.



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