Beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, common Indians are totally disgusted with your government now


That’s the harsh reality. Your enthusiasm to catch ‘tax evaders’ has become so pathological that it has begun to disgust and disillusion common citizenry. The only hope for you to win 2019 elections lies in Hindu consolidation. Your babus and you have treated the middle and even the lower classes as criminals and done everything within your capacity to annoy and antagonize them.


That guy we pejoratively call Pappu has to do nothing in 2019 elections. He just has to keep mum and re-run your campaign ads on the election stage and replay your election speeches and you will have no answers to him. He will be well within his rights to call you a liar. And for your information this has begun to happen and your 'unpaid' SM well-wishers and warriors don't know how to respond to them. One of those memes is from your speeches in UP elections about petrol prices. And you will hang your head in shame after watching that video.


You have performed so pathetically on the promises you made in 2014 elections and since then you have done nothing else but to dig your own grave. I wonder why the people have been silently taking the shit from your babus and bankers without raising their voices in protest.


Here is what’s happening to your PMJDY and bank accounts of students and kids. Look at this newspaper clip.



A poor woman goes to SBI to collect her pension that must have been deposited in her account under the DBT system. The SBI pays her Rs.275/- instead of Rs.300/- and charges her probably for not maintaining a minimum balance. The woman who had Rs.25/- deducted from her piddly govt. pension of Rs.300/- cried, none cared.


Here is another example.




Little kids of a Chembur, Mumbai, school who opened their bank accounts with their tiny savings to learn about financial inclusion, were also in for a shock. They find that all their savings have disappeared. Where did they go? The nation’s premiere banker SBI, yet again, has adjusted the charges for not maintaining minimum balance in their accounts from their ‘tiny savings’.  The kids cried but none listened to them.


You know what a few hotheaded guys would have done to these bank managers for such trickery? They would have pulled the bank managers out of their offices and lynched them in the middle of the market.


And believe me this will happen if corrective measures are not taken instantly.


That’s the kind of angst that is building up amongst the masses. People are not yet lynching BJP workers in streets should be some solace to you. But the disgust is growing and your SM warriors cannot help you beyond a point. No amount of tweeting can assuage the hurt. You have not much cared for Hindu sentiments either. Islamists are still running riot in Kerala, Karnataka, and West Bengal while RSS workers and Hindus are being butchered, and Kashmiri Pandits are still waiting to be settled in the valley.

Here is yet another example of the disgusting callousness of your government.

A salaried person who has been paying her taxes diligently for decades suddenly gets the notice that her PAN has been deactivated. Her CA tells her that she will have to spend Rs.5000/- to get it activated. She is furious but she pays the money gets things done. If that’s not enough when she goes to withdraw money from the bank she is told she must get her Aadhaar Number linked to her account. She was under the impression that such linking could be done until December end. She is refused payment by the bank (ICICI) in September 2019. She needed the money urgently. She braved Mumbai rains to go to the bank and she could not withdraw money. You can imagine her disgust.


Who is responsible for this but you?  I’m certain you would have received thousands of angry tweets about these issues. What did you do with them? I have tweeted you about this. I have also tagged the people who you follow in those tweets.  I’m sure the message must be reaching you in some ways. The IB guys will find links to all such tweets in a normal Google search and alert. I’m sure you will be coming across such alerts to. I have been tagging everyone from Amit Shah to Arun Jaitly and Manoj Sinha in my tweets. You must be following the twitter TL of your colleagues once in a while to check if they have been RTing your propaganda tweets regularly or not. So, you should be aware.


What more, these are just a few tricks bankers and CBDT have been playing with common citizenry.  The Insurance Companies and every other institution you trusted are busy harassing common citizens in the name of KYC, Aadhaar, Pan, etc. Your babus issue instruction sitting in chairs and crores of Indians are made to run helter-skelter to fulfill one unreasonable and wholly uncalled for demand after another.

You of course are not at the receiving end of all this, the people, your masters, are. The ‘sevaks’ of the ‘pradhan sevak’ are making the masters run in circles like monkeys. 

What had you said in your election speeches? You trust the citizenry. The new message that’s going out is that you trust the bankers and babus more than you trust the people who voted for you. These babsus and bankers are the same lot that somehow conspired and managed to help the super-rich make its black cash white during the demonetization process.


I can yet again write a long article but I won’t do that. I can only suggest and warn you that your pathological behavior and supreme rather unseemly trust in your darbari babus and ministers like Arun Jaitly, and absolute lack of trust in people will make you the most hated and disgusting politician of the country.

You certainly don’t remember anything that you said during the 2014 campaign. So, probably you won’t know how dismal is your performance with regard to their delivery. 

See, if you can really save Gujarat. I have a fear and feeling that your golden run that started with Gujarat will end with it if you didn’t take emergency measures now to stop the disaffection of people. 


I can only hope for the best, but I’m prepared for the worst.  This is how I felt in 2003-2004 and ABV was gone. I hope you don't turn senile prematurely.


And if you lost 2019, you may still have a quite retired life like ABV in the Lutyen’s Zone. However, the Islamists, Congis, and Commies will massacre the nationalists and Sangh Parivar activists on streets just the way it’s happening now in Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.


And here is a piece of news. Some nationalists are organizing a protest demonstration at SBI’s Head Office in Mumbai on 9th October 2017. I will certainly be joining them. And if this snowballs, the bankers across the nation may face the heat of people’s anger and soon the babus and tax collectors will be facing the same heat and finally it will reach you as well.  


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