Feel at home at this free expression web site. . It is the meeting place for all those
who believe in an open society where human experiences of all kinds can be propagated
and practised without the fear of being ridiculed or persecuted. It is a non-commercial site.

khullamkhulla means exactly this. You can contribute articles and views on politics, religion,
culture, science, sex, psychology, or on any subject under the sun. You can share opinions and
secrets, personal or otherwise. You can connect with your kind of people-the people who value
their personal freedom more than anything else and refuse to live like slaves.

Khullamkhulla is a platform where views of any kind can be expressed. They will
be posted on the site without further editing, in a format that suits the site's layout. They will not be
judged or censored by us. Khullamkhulla, however, won't be responsible for any matter that is
displayed at the site as these are the views of people, known or unknown, who use
the site as their free expression forum.

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